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7 Best Anime Sites of All Time



best Anime Sites

Anime which is a trendy term and has millions of fans around the world. Anime started as Japanese sketch and then it further explore to the multimedia platform where you can watch anime on TV, computer or even on your mobile device. You can watch all separate episodes. If you are watching on TV then you can avail its episode on a particular period of time like on weekly basis or daily basis. However, if you are expecting to watch anime in your own free time or anytime you have free time then you should move on to some anime sites. Anime sites are specialized for providing Anime which can be watched online or in other words those which can be streamed online and also some of them provides the facility to download anime as well. If you want to watch Cartoon on Android then download Cartoon HD apk

Anime sites make the task easier to watch your favorite anime anytime anywhere. Before further wasting your time let’s start with 6 best anime sites.

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Best Anime Sites


When it comes to providing anime online then kissanime is best on his job. Here you can download variety of animes by searching or just by checking randomly, its upon you that you wanna explore or enjoy streaming. Overall this site has a pretty good interface so you can access animes easily and get lot of options to get them. Also, you will get animes in so many different quality so you can enjoy it accordingly.  This site is mobile friendly as well so you can enjoy it while having your internet enabled smartphones near you.


Hulu Anime

As all the internet users who love to stream, maybe familiar with Hulu because it is one of the best streaming sites. It is same as Netflix that you can watch movies, TV shows, and yes anime as well. However it’s database is not big enough as kissanime but as being the popular anime site whatever you will get, will be in worth watching quality. But I am pretty sure that you can get some of the popular anime in HULU such as Dragon Ball Z. So all you need to do is search that particular anime term in Hulu search box and enjoy streaming your searched anime.


Anime Heaven

As the name defines this site is the heaven of animes. You will not be dissatisfied after searching on anime haeaven because it has such huge database of animes which can fulfill your anime needs. All you need to do is just select your particular anime category if you are not looking for a specific anime and just want to explore animes with categories then choose and jump into your favorite category. If you want any specific anime then just simply put the anime term in its search box.


Anime Season

Anime season is the sites of your favorite anime so you can watch all the anime episodes online.  In the left sidebar of site, you will get the list of Full series list and Ongoing series of animes so you,l be updated with them. However, this sites provides all anime videos in HD so you are getting much better quality every time you will stream an anime. The thing i don’t like with sites is that it doesn’t have any search bar in it so viewers can face difficulty to watch anime here. Because of its good and big collection of anime, it is going just fine.



As everyone knows that anime started as Japanese sketch cartoon so definitely the native language of animes will be Japanese as well. Because anime is the term that is popular around the world and has lot of anime lovers around there who have different native languages but most of them can understand english easily so anime lover from the other countries like US, UK, India you probably don’t want anime in that language and then they start searching for some dubbed anime watching sites so they can get anime in English. And here is this site for you. Justdubs provides anime in English so you can watch and download animes in English without getting further problems and you no longer have to search and browse more dubbed anime sites.



Watch anime provides anime in English dubbed and subbed as well. It has higher quality anime videos. You can get animes in english and Japanese as well. So this site is not specific in providing English anime. Another best thing about this site is that you can filter your anime result by release date and much more.


The above are the list of best 6 animes sites which you can watch and enjoy anytime you are wanna watch and stream animes. These sites are good enough to get your anime stuff. However, the only thing that can annoy you in these sites that you maybe facing some annoying ads but they will not interrupt during your anime streaming. Hope you enjoyed this anime list.

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