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Amazon Prime Video finally has a (basic) function inspired by Netflix, Hulu, Disney + …



Creating multiple profiles finally on Amazon Prime Video

Launched at the very end of 2016 in Europe (and in France), Amazon Prime Video is obviously in competition with other giants of video streaming, starting with Netflix, but also the group Canal Plus, and very soon Disney +. One of the strengths of Amazon Prime Video obviously comes from the fact that each Prime subscriber is automatically eligible for VOD service.

Each Amazon Prime customer is automatically subscribed (and at no additional cost) to the Amazon video platform. Side interface, if Amazon Prime Video is relatively similar to competing platforms, it remains a little less advanced than that of Netflix on certain points. For example, on the mobile version of Amazon Prime Video, you cannot create multiple user profiles …

Up to six profiles on the same account!

Fortunately, this absence will very soon be corrected, since according to XDA-Developers, it will soon be possible to create up to six user profiles for a single Amazon Prime Video subscription. No need to share a single account with all members of the family, since everyone can have their own dedicated space.

For the occasion, Amazon does better than Netflix, which allows to create a total of 5 profiles per account, and comes to match Hulu, which in turn allows to create 6 profiles. For the moment, this function is not available everywhere, and it should be deployed soon, via a simple update of the application. Then just click on ” My stuff “(Bottom right of the screen) and select / create the desired profile to access a list of personalized content.

As on Netflix, it will be possible to create a special section for children, offering only content suitable for the eyes of our dear innocent toddlers. Remember that like Netflix, YouTube or Disney +, Amazon has also decided to reduce the quality of its bandwidth in Europe, to avoid overloading the infrastructure during the confinement linked to the coronavirus.

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