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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay more dangerous than alcohol and cannabis while driving?



The ravages of the alcohol Drugs Google Auto and Apple CarPlay

For a few years now, some motorists have been able to take advantage of devices like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, directly on the on-board screen of their vehicle. Software with many features aimed at reducing distracted driving. However, according to recent experience, both software programs are more dangerous than alcohol or cannabis …

This is indeed what tends to prove a study developed by IAM Roadsmart, an independent road safety organization. According to the latter, the reaction times of drivers using an on-board system such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, would be considerably lengthened. Concretely, the study indicates that the reaction time would be 5 times longer than that of a person driving with the legal limit of alcohol in his body, and even slower than that having consumed cannabis … On average, the systems on-board vehicles would increase the driver’s reaction time by around 57%.


Just under fifty drivers took part in the experiment, and those using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto tend to take their eyes off the road, sometimes for more than 15 seconds, to adjust this or that option on the touchscreen of their car. Voice control is not to be outdone, since the latter would also be the source of certain distractions, and of a certain slowness …

Safety distances and trajectory variations…

Indeed, undoubtedly aware of the lack of concentration, drivers using an on-board system tend to drive at low speed, without respecting the safety distances with the car in front. Similarly, when drivers use the tactile functions of their vehicle, the latter have a strong tendency to deviate from their trajectory.

So, although systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto exist to make everyday life easier for us, this should in no way prevent the driver from constantly staying focused on the number one priority in the car: driving …

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