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Angels 12: Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin officially separated, internet users are sad



This week was marked by an upheaval in the programming of reality TV shows, such as the following shows: Angels 12, The Apprentice Adventurers 5 and The people of Marseilles vs the rest of World 5 which have been suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Without forgetting the enormous Kim Glow skid which has earned him many messages of insults, hatred and threats, the marriage of Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau which has been postponed or the twists that have experienced the relationship between Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany.

Indeed, the young woman announced, last Tuesday, the end of her love story with Raphaël on social networks.

Tiffany ends relationship with Raphaël Pépin

A few days ago, Tiffany has made surprising revelations about his breakup with Raphael Pépin without deciding, however, on the reasons behind their separation. For his part, Raphaël Pépin did not react to the declaration of the former adventurer of Koh-Lanta and did not even mention this break. Besides, internet users think that he will not speak on this subject since he is known for his discretion regarding his private life but what is certain is that the two candidates have withdrawn their couple photos on their accounts.

Indeed, the two reality TV stars formalized their relationship during the filming of the show “The Angels 11”. A relationship that has gone through ups and downs since they separated and came back together again and again for more than a year, except that this time it seems that their breakup was not fleeting. Indeed, in an Instagram story, the young woman clarified “Game over.

Don’t ask yourself any more questions: My relationship with Raphaël is over. A page is turning today ”. A statement with a “broken heart” emoji.

Internet users saddened by Tiffany’s decision

It must be said that before Tiffany’s official announcement, many rumors about their breakup have invaded the web. Indeed, internet users have claimed that Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin were no longer together after the latter published an annotated photo of a legend that sowed doubt in the minds of internet users.

“In times of coronavirus, I only want his kisses to him … COURAGE TO ALL” he wrote under the photo on which he poses with a dolphin. Besides, Tiffany’s announcement surprised fans who reacted en masse to this news. “Why are you no longer together? (…) Too bad you are no longer with Tiffany you are a great couple (…) I hope you will get back together with Tiffany”, can we read in comment.

In any case, nobody knows the causes and circumstances of their separation, netizens say it was a painful decision for Tiffany considering the words that were used in her post.

At this difficult time, both candidates can count on the support of their subscribers.

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