Bitdefender – The best antivirus solution for Windows

Choosing the very best antivirus for your devices is very important. There are a lot of options available on the market, but only a few of them can fully satisfy user needs.So if you are wondering which antivirus would suit your needs, then we have the right answer for you.

Bitdefender is, without a doubt, the top player in the antivirus market. Bitdefender is the award-winning cyber security company for Macs, PCs, mobile devices, smart homes, and businesses.

Why Bitdefender

Well, all we seek from an antivirus software is the best protection against malicious viruses and threats. So why should you choose Bitdefender above all other internet security solutions?

Bitdefender is considered to be the best Antivirus for Windows, but it works really great across all types of operating systems, including Mac OS and Android.

Itprotects your online presence, has unbeatable malware detection, optimized speed,andcross-platformusability, and also allows running the security from your mobile device.Bitdefender has the largest security delivery system with a worldwide network of 500 million machines.

Its software detects, predicts and responds to neutralize the latest dangers anywhere across the world in just 3 seconds.

Let’s look at some of the top-notch features of this product that have surprised its competitors.

Multi-layer Ransomware protection

What can make you feel safer on the Internet than an antivirus serving multiple layers of protection?Well, if you are using Bitdefender then rest assured that your system is protected from ransomware, asits software uses a unique behavioral threat detection technology to keep infections away and to offer the required security protection for yourdocuments from ransomware encryption.


  • Complete data protection – From viruses, worms, and Trojans to ransomware, root kits, and spyware, the Bitdefender software works against all kinds of threats.
  • Anti-Phishing – When the system encounters any website that masquerades as trustworthy with the motive of stealing financial data like pins, passwords,and credit card numbers, Bitdefender sniffs out and blocks the website.
  • Anti-fraud – The advanced filtering system of Bitdefender cautions the user at the instance when they visit the websites that may try to scam them such as money loan schemes, casinos and other websites with financial factors.
  • Secure Browsing – Some links are subjected to viruses and are not safe to access. So, it is really important to know whether your required search result is safe to access before you click on it. Bitdefender is all for your protection, it blocks the known infected links beforehand so that you are kept safe from accessing them. Quite helpful, isn’t it?
  • Rescue mode – Some of the sophisticated viruses like rootkits are supposed to be eradicated before your Windows starts. Bitdefender detects such threats, and when found, it reboots Windows in rescue mode for further cleanup and restoration.


  • Bitdefender Autopilot – Nothing to set up, nothing to configure. All you need to do is just switch it on and the Autopilot will do it all for you. It will run the cyber security, makes optimal security decisions without any inconvenience.
  • Bitdefender Photon – This is an exclusive and innovative technology which helps Bitdefender in adapting to your system’s hardware and software configurations to save the computing resources and improve the performance and speed.
  • Battery Mode – An Antivirus saving your system’s battery life is something pretty essential. This intelligent feature of Bitdefender saves the device’s battery from draining out by temporarily tweaking the system’s settings such as a display, updates,and the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Game, movie and work modes – Imagine watching a movie or playing a game with lots of bothering pop-ups of unnecessary requests and emails, would be truly irritating right? But Bitdefender can be your savior, as it halts the pop-ups temporarily, adjusts the visual setting, pauses the unnecessary background activities and will let you focus only on what’s important, and allows you to enjoy your device to the max.
  • Global protective network –Almost all the scanning part is done in the cloud, which leads to zero impact on the user’s local resources and also the system’s speed and performance remains unaffected. Though the scanning is done in the cloud, the actual content of the file is not scanned and are never uploaded or stored in the cloud. Thus, your files always remain completely private and safe.


privACY protection

  • Bitdefender VPN – Worried about your privacy on the web? With Bitdefender, it’s time to get rid of all worries, as it protects your online presence by encrypting all the internet traffic.
  • Safe Online Banking – With Bitdefender bank and shop from a unique dedicated browser that keeps your transactions secured and fraud-free. Bitdefender Safepay can also automatically fill out all the credit card details in the concerned billing fields.
  • File shredder – It is a tool that can delete your file and leaves no traces that it ever existed on your device.
  • Social Network Protection – Each day you receive many links and posts on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter,and others which may be malicious and may also be a threat, so with Bitdefender stay safe from such threats.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – With just one click, scan for security holes and vulnerabilities. This antivirus checks for the outdated and vulnerable software etc., Along with the best protection, the Bitdefender also provides you with the best fixes for the missing windows security patches and potentially unsafe systems settings.

Versions Available

  • Basic – The basic version of the Bitdefender is the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus which includes the advanced protection for windows, light on resources.
  • Advanced – The advanced version of the Bitdefender is the Bitdefender Internet Security which includes complete protection against internet threats for PC.
  • Ultimate – The ultimate version of the Bitdefender is the Bitdefender Total Security which includes the 4-in-1 security for Windows, Mac OS, iOS,andAndroid.

All of the above three versions can be subscripted for up to 3 years and the compatibility of the version to the devices depends on the duration of the subscription, the maximum compatibility of every version is up to 10 devices.

Final thoughts

On the whole, Bitdefender can be defined as the one company that can cover all your security needs.

Sown it and get the best real-world protection, and keep doing things that matter while Bitdefender handles the security.

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