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Brazil, Argentina … Salaries of South American breeders



March 22, 2020 at 10:10 PM by Thomas

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Focus on the salaries of South American breeders.

There will be no Copa America this year. The 2020 edition has been postponed, like the Euro, to next year. In the meantime, the situation of coaches in position can still change, at the head of the qualified selections. Not everyone is equal when it comes to wages. And rather surprisingly, Lionel Scaloni with Argentina is the lowest paid coach in Latin American countries.

Tite in Brazil earns 7 and a half times more than Scaloni with Argentina

In place since 2018, after the Albiceleste’s defeat against France (3-4), the young technician of 41 is approaching a gross salary of 40,000 euros per month, according to a recent ranking drawn up by Primicias Ecuador. This is more than 7 and a half times more than its Brazilian counterpart Tite, who earns nearly 305,000 euros a month. He is the highest paid coach in South America. They are three to 3 million euros or more the season, following behind the technician of the Auriverde team, in post since 2016.

Nearly € 175,000 monthly the average of breeders

In order follow Ricardo Gareca in Peru, Reinaldo Rueda with Chile. On average, a South American coach earns 175,000 euros monthly, between Jordi Cruyff who coaches Ecuador and Eduardo Berizzo in Paraguay. This is without the salary of José Peseiro, newly appointed since February 4 at the head of Venezuela.

Salaries of South American breeders

1. Tite (Brazil) = € 305,000 / month
2. Ricardo Gareca (Peru) = € 290,000 / month
3. Reinaldo Rueda (Chile) = € 270,000 / month
4. Oscar Tabárez (Uruguay) = € 250,000 / month
5. Carlos Queiroz (Colombia) = € 235,000 / month
6. Eduardo Berizzo (Paraguay) = € 200,000 / month
7. Jordi Cruyff (Ecuador) = € 140,000 / month
8. César Farías (Bolivia) = € 70,000 / month
9. Lionel Scaloni (Argentina) = € 40,000 / month

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