5 Best Call Blocking Apps For Android Devices

Call Blocking Apps: The beginning of the phones was started with calls. So, calling is one such feature which is available on every Android device.
With the change in technology the features and calling methods of our devices have been modified and we have grown advance with the new and unusual feature, but we do receive a lot of calls from networks which we use or from unwanted people. And when these unwanted calls exceed a limit we try to find an app which can block these unwanted calls.

There are a thousand of apps available on Play Store for blocking unwanted calls, but all of them are not perfect for everyone. So, here in this blog post, I will describe the best 5 Call Blocking Apps for Android devices which you can use on your Android and can block all the unwanted calls for the peace of mind.

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Call Blocking Apps For Android

Below I have shared these apps, which will help you to block all the unwanted calls on your Android device and you will surely love these apps too.
Do, give them a try and if you find them useful or unuseful then do comment and let me know about your feedback.

#1 Call Blocker- Blacklist

It is cleared from its name “Call Blocker- Blacklist” that it is a call blocking app, but it is not just a call blocking app it is much more.
Call Blocker- Blacklist will help you to block all the unwanted calls either from different networks or unwanted people.

Features of Call Blocker- Blacklist

  • Multiple call blocking modes are available.
  • One Ring Phone Scam is a great feature of this app.
  • Easy to navigate and attractive interface.

#2 Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call blocker is one such free app which will help you to get rid of spam and unwanted calls very easily. You can only add the numbers which you want to block, and that’s it. On the next time, you will never see that number calling to your phone. Know features of this Call Blocking Apps

Features of Safest Call Blocker

  • Block calls with same starting numbers like 0332.
  • When any call is blocked, you are notified.

#3 Mr. Number

Mr. Number says if you receive a lot of calls that you don’t want to receive them let me know about these numbers and I will protect you from these unwanted calls which cause a headache for you.

Like other apps, Mr. Number will protect you from unwanted people to call you.

Features of Mr. Number

  • Add all the numbers which you want to block.
  • Block numbers for a particular period.
  • Automatic blocking and unblocking.

#4 Master Call Blocker

If you don’t want to involve a lot in blocking unwanted calls because you don’t have enough time then go with Master Call Blocker. Every time you will receive a call; it will show you a little button to block that number permanently. I recommend this Call Blocking Apps. I am using and loving it.

Features of Master Call Blocker

  • Block calls without manually entering the numbers.
  • Stay safe from spam quickly.
  • Turns your phone into a call blocker (haha)
  • 100% ad-free.

#5 Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast is a traditional anti-virus company which deals with all kind of threads.

If you are using the Avast Mobile security app on your Android, then you don’t need to install any call blocker because Avast can do this for you.

There is a call blocker inside the Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus app which can block all the unwanted calls for you.

Features of Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

  • Protects your Android device from unwanted calls.
  • Keep your device secure by real-time virus scan and a big database service.
  • And much more…


So, guys, this was all about  Best call blocking Apps.

I hope you find your call blocker to get rid of the annoying callers and do your job easily. Also Tell your friends about These Call Blocking Apps with cool features.

Please let me know about your feedback to these apps. It would be appreciated.

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