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How to Delete Skype Account Entirely



Delete Skype Account

Delete Skype Account: Skype was used to be Emperor of all the chat apps and certainly the most-used video chat app globally. Now smarter, smooth and more instinctive apps have arrived, Skype isn’t popular at all as it used to be. Add the fact that it is now owned by Microsoft and the future of Skype is faded. Still Some of us use this app as primary chat apps.

Here as the app losing popularity day by day, so I decided to delete Skype Account of mine. I was tired :p .

If you also want to remove Skype Account of yours or someone else, then follow this step by step guide.

Unlike other apps, Skype makes it difficult removing Skype account completely. Frankly,  either you deactivate or leave as it is. Rather than specifying an option to delete within the portal like other apps, you have to live chat with a customer service representative to fully delete your Skype account. After a long chat, it takes atleast 2 weeks to delete Skype Account entirely.

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How to Remove Skype Account

It is not much easy as A, B, C, D to get rid of Skype Account. You may change some information and ask Customer Service to Delete Skype Account Permanently. Just follow the steps and you will end up with deleting snapchat account.

Don’t Delete Skype Account, follow this First!

First you have to delete all your personal identity from your Skype account so you will no longer appear in directories or anywhere on internet. Do not go to Delete Skype Account, You must follow this first. :p

  • Unlink a Microsoft account from Skype account
  • Cancel active subscriptions and request refunds.
  • Cancel a Skype Number, if you have added.
  • Remove recurring payments by disabling the Auto-Renew feature
  • Update your mood messages
  • Set your status from online to offline or invisible.
  • log out of Skype on all devices
  • Replace personally identifiable details from your Skype profile by adding fake details such as name and e-mail(Temp. Mail)

Now Delete Skype Account Entirely!

Follow below steps for Deleting Skype Account Entirely

1. Log in to your Skype account at in a web browser.

2. Go to your account settings: scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click Account Settings under the Settings and Preferences heading.

3. Next to your Microsoft account, click the Unlink option.

Tip: If the option reads Not linked rather than Unlink, your Skype account has not been linked to your Microsoft account. If that’s the case, you can safely proceed to step 5.

4. A confirmation message will appear. Click Continue to confirm. Your Skype account will be un-linked from your Microsoft account.

Tip:1- You can only un-link your other Microsoft accounts(One Drive, XBox and Other) limited times.

Tip:2- Unlinking accounts may sign you out of your Skype account. If so, just sign in again at to proceed with the “Delete Skype Account” process.

5. Now You have to cancel Skype subscriptions or recurring payments. In your Skype account settings on the web, click the subscription you want to close/cancel in the blue bar on the left side.

6. Click Cancel Subscription to continue.

7.Now click “Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel” to confirm subscription cancellation.

Tip: Now may be a good time to request a refund for any Skype subscriptions that you haven’t used. You can do this either in a live chat with Skype’s support staff or fill out the online Cancellation and Refund form.

8.If you’ve purchased a Skype Number where other can ring you, you should cancel it before closing the account– click Skype Number under Manage Features, then click Settings and hit the Cancel Skype Number option.

9. If you kept Auto Recharge option Enabled then disable this featur feature.

Go to under Account Details section on the web, click Billing & Payments, then hit Disable under the Auto-Recharge tab right next to Status.

10.Now, you’ve successfully cancelled your Skype subscriptions and deleted recurring payments, contact Skype Customer Service and tell them you’d like to close your account.

That’s All! So this way you can delete Skype account of your and someone else.

Final Words!

As you know, Skype doesn’t allow its users to Delete Skype Account Permanently. So You have to cancel all subscription manually. You have to replace your personal information with fake information, use fake name and fake email from Delete all your information from the account and contact Skype Customer Service to delete your account permanently.

Are you facing issues in above mentioned steps? Use comment box to raise your problems. You’ll get solution for it.

Or If you have any other method to get out of Skype account successfully, Let know others in comment section!

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