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Disney + launch date postponed to April 7 in France.



The Disney + novelty will finally be visible in France from April 7 and no longer from March 24. At the request of the French Government (to avoid a malfunction of broadband infrastructure, during this confinement period).

As a reminder, Disney + will be offered in different Canal offers.

For subscribers committed to the Integral, Integral + and Cine Series Pack offers, Disney + will be INCLUDED.

For subscribers to the Family Pack and Canal + Pack offers, Disney + will be INCLUDED for 1 year.

Excluding the above offers, iI will cost 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year to view the programs of this streaming service. Among them, the series Star Wars – The Mandalorian, Marvel – Hero Project, The world according to Jeff Goldblum (National Geographic), Star Wars – The Clone Wars, High School Musical – the series …

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