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How to Download WhatsApp Status Video



Download whatsapp status videos

WhatsApp Status Video and Short Videos for WhatsApp are two of most searched Keyword which is being explored above 10K monthly each by WhatsApp users. You know there are millions of daily active users in India only. That is why most of WhatsApp users search these kinds of stuff. They usually seek WhatsApp Dares, Whatsapp Quizzes and puzzles, and WhatsApp group names mostly. As WhatsApp also introduces WhatsApp group invite link feature earlier, so most of the guys have started searching WhatsApp group invites link to entertain themselves. There are lots of stuff about WhatsApp; youths usually hunt on the Internet. They also have included Whatsapp love status videos in their search list.

Girls and Boys have most interest to find these stuff and use them on WhatsApp. Girls and boys both usually searches WhatsApp DP for them. They also love to change their WhatsApp status daily. WhatsApp also has one of excellent video status feature, which you can use on your WhatsApp Status. Youth have even just started to search this term”WhatsApp Status Video” on the Internet. That’s is Why I thought to write this guide. There are lots videos are available on the topic WhatsApp Status Videos. Below are terms which are being searched on google-

  • Best Status Video for Whatsapp
  • Sad Status Video for WhatsApp
  • Love Status Video for WhatsApp

In this Guide, I am going to explain about “How to Download WhatsApp Status Video?”. It can be beneficial for you if you are looking forward to doing download WhatsApp Status Video. Within this guide, I am going to share a trick which works like a charm. You can easily download Short videos for WhatsApp. If you are addiected to Netflix and looking for Free netflix account to watch series, Movies then you can check out these Free netflix accounts and passwords

Youtube is a most popular platform which has lots of WhatsApp Status Video. It might be difficult to download WhatsApp Status videos without any third party app on your PC or phone. Don’t worry this guide contains most potent tricks by which you can download WhatsApp Status Video. You don’t need even any third party app to be installed on your Device.

Save WhatsApp Status Videos

If you are not aware of WhatsApp Status Video, Here I am embedding some Short Videos for WhatsApp which I found on Youtube. You can get know What is WhatsApp Status Video actually. Do check out these awesome WhatsApp Status videos, you’ll love them surely.

These Videos are short but have lots of meaning for lovers. Hope you’ll find more videos like these. If you like such videos and Want to download these Short videos for WhatsApp, follow below steps.
Note: If you want to download Whatsapp stories like as Status Videos and Images, then you should download GBWhatsapp. By using GBWhatsapp, You can easily download status videos.

Trick to download WhatsApp Status on Android

There are two tricks which are working like a charm and you can download videos even your android phone by using these tricks, so Lets learn-

First Tricks

In this trick you have put two English letter within the URL of youtube video. You can download any youtube video including WhatsApp status video by following this tricks. Lets see how to do it—

  • Play any WhatsApp Status Video on any Browser(Not in Youtube App).
  • Go to Address bar and place ss between just before screenshot for better understanding).
    download whatsappp status video

    URL of Youtube video

    download whatsappp status video

    URL after Adding SS

  • It will redirect to other site, where you’ll get a download link of Video.

download whatsappp status video

  • Click on Download and Done!

Isn’t it cool trick? hope you guys will try for sure to download short videos for whatsapp.

Second Trick

Lets come to second magic trick. It is entirely similar to first one.

  • You have to put magic between you and tube(see picture below)

download whatsappp status video

  • It will redirect to another site with download link to video

download whatsappp status video

  • Click download and done!

Download Someone’s WhatsApp Videos

You may have seen your friend’s whatsapp status and you want it at any cost, then let me tell you, you don’t need to pay for that. I am giving a solution to all who want to steal someone’sunique whatsapp video status.

There are two tricks, both are similar to each other. If you can do first, then you can do other one too. Let me show you how to do that.

Do follow below trick and you are done.

Note: Before starting steps, You have to Go to Status option and watch the status you want to download/Save

1- First of All Download MX player(One of the best Media player for Android, Download from Playstore)

2- Open it and Go to setting >> List>>Tick Show Hidden files and Folders with.” (dot). (Check Below Images)


3- Go back to MX Player’s home, and Click Refresh Icon. Now You see one more folder in the list named as .Statuses

save Whatsapp status video


Hope you got both the points how to download WhatsApp Status. These trick are very easy to download videos for WhatsApp. Both Tricks are working fine and tested by me. Using any of the trick above you can download WhatsApp status video to your android and PC. Do share this post and spread love. Tell this trick to other and stay smart among them.

Aditya is founder of TechJagat. He made this blog to share his knowledge to the world. He love to share whatever he learns from himself or on the Internet. Apart from blogging, he is keen of playing cricket and other sport. Meet him on Facebook

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