How to Enable WhatsApp Payment Feature on Android and iOS

As you know WhatsApp has officially launched WhatsApp Business App in India. Android and iOS users can download it from Play Store and iTunes App Store respectively. WhatsApp Business is an app to interact with customers through messaging platform. WhatsApp has also released UPI based payment on WhatsApp business. It is under( Only Beta Tester can Enable WhatsApp Payment Feature) and will be officially announced after a month.

With WhatsApp Business App, small companies and business owners can set up their profile on WhatsApp Business app and Enable WhatsApp Payment Feature on it. It is UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Based Payment. Business owners can receive and send money directly from WhatsApp Business.

So if you are business owners and seeking for to interact with your customers directly then You must install WhatsApp Business App and and stay connected to your customers through this Messaging Platform. If you have already done with creating WhatsApp business profile, then You also must Enable WhatsApp Payment to receive payment directly.

WhatsApp Payment for Business is not announced officially. UPI Payment is available to only Beta Tester of WhatsApp. It will be available to everyone soon. You’ve to wait until its Official Launch.

In this Article, We are gonna learn How to Enable WhatsApp Payment Feature on Android and iOS? 

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How to Enable WhatsApp Payment?

By following simple steps, you can easily set up UPI based Payment on WhatsApp Business. Follow below steps-

  • First of All, Go to Three Dot Menu on top right corner.
  • Click on Setting and now tap on Payment window.
  • As you Tap on Payment, You’ll be taken to a new window, where you need to verify to your Mobile Number to begin UPI Payment Process.

Remember Your Number should be same as you used to register UPI

  • Once Mobile Number is verified, You will see a long list of Indian Banks. Select your Bank and Account that you want to link to WhatsApp business.
  • It will take some to process. As soon setup is done successfully, You will be shown Setup Complete message on screen.

WhatsApp is rolling out it slowly and soon It will be available to everyone. As I said above it is not officially announced. It is only available to only Beta Tester. So WhatsApp can take time to make it available to everyone. See the below tweet what they have said.

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With the WhatsApp Business and its Payment Features, Small Business will grow and they can easily interact with their customers through messaging. So it will be a boon for them and as well for users. This feature gonna competitive as there are many UPI based Payment services are available in India like Paytm UPI, Google’s Tez and Flipkart’s Phone pe.

So Guys Are you excited to enable Whatsapp payment feature? Let us know your opinions and comments about this features. If you’ve any query to be answered, say in comment.

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