5 Excellent platforms for building mobile apps

If you are planning to create an app after you have built an excellent idea in your mind, you landed on right place.

For sure, there might be some fear for coding. But, this can’t push you away from building your apps or looking for the best app making platform. Well, here is a good news. It is now possible to visit the mobile app making market online– even if you have no coding experience or knowledge.


It needs little some and large will to learn about things. Pick the mobile app making platform from below and start creating and managing your mobile app now.

  1. Appery.io

It is one of the best cloud-based app builder which can be used for creating apps on both iOS and android platforms. It has jQuery Mobile, ionic, and Apache Cordova, along with an access to their in-built components.

As this builder is run with the cloud, you don’t have to download or install anything. It is easier to start working fast. The Appery builder has the visual editor too which is used for dragging and dropping the components for building the UI.

With Appery, you can auto-generate your code for any kind of component you like to drop in. it is also possible to connect to the REST API of your choice and use it for your app.

  1. Mobile Roadie

This is a mobile app creator which lets anyone to manage and create both Android or iOS apps. Moreover, the app creation occurs in a quite visual method. This platform can support each of the media form, using the automatic import of Twitter, Instagram, keywords from Google News or RSS, and auto-refresh the fan wall to communicate with users in real time. After building your app you can also buy Instagram followers UK and earn a lot.

You can also view the app precisely through the back end of Mobile Roadie, like your users do on their phones. This will guide you also via App store regarding whole submission process, checking of quality and how appropriate your content is.

Mobile Roadie also provides an option for sending out the push notifications. It can be the content from your site or through platform of Mobile Roadie. This platform is wholly a language agnostic, thus you are able to pull the data in various formats, such as HTML, PHP, XML, JSON and CSV. As you start, you are given few layout options, however, you can also use the customized one.

  1. TheAppBuilder

This app builder offers a set of apps to suit with clients, events, brochures, and employees with 2 various approaches given. This may be a platform to choose if you want to design an app as the intranet for your firm. Also, you can create an app with the help of an online toolkit. TheAppBuilder provides complete guidance about defining and building app’s structure and populating it with the starting content Followers Package.

With the help of AppLibrary, it is possible to provide a window having more than one app to the users and even do customization. you can do protection of both private and public apps using user ids and passwords. Using this, you can integrate your app for enabling the logins with user groups and current credentials.

  1. Good Barber

This platform offers best mechanism for building both Android and iOS apps, along with the optimized website application. Choose any of the platform and you get control over the details of your app without making any code. Few high customized design templates are also available for getting started, along with a lot of the amazing icons and quick access to the Google Fonts.

The platform provides an instant visual feedback all the time which is helpful for adjusting the parameters in the app. Send a unique and active push notification while converting the users into the contributors by allowing them to submit videos, photos and articles.

  1. Appy Pie

It is also a cloud based mobile app creator which lets users to create app without any coding for any of the platform and then publish it. You don’t have to download or install anything – just do dragging and dropping for creating the mobile app. As it gets completed, you get an HTML5 hybrid app which is operatable for each of the platform.

Each of revision is carried out in the real time, along with an ability of sending push notifications, monetizing ads, seeing live analytics, as well as tracking GPS location. it is possible to integrate blogs, websites, social media, radio, audio and much more.

While using this platform, you are offered a wide range of themes. This platform also has an appointment scheduling tool, which comes in use at salons, spas or hospitals along with the contact features.

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Hope you liked this post. You can build app with ease using these online builder. If you are looking for Drag and Drop App building plateform, then appybuilder.com also could be best.

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