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Girl accuses Ahmed of cheating Sarah, he explains on this rumor



Sarah Fraisou is a tender heart of stone if you believe her loved ones. After several appearances in Angels, where she played perfectly the role of plague which create the problems, she decided this year to open up and participate in The Villa of Broken Hearts 5. On set, a charming young man named Ahmed came to meet her. From the first days, Sarah fell in love. The two candidates quickly became a couple, despite the young woman’s jealous attacks.

Thanks to Lucie’s coaching, Sarah regained self-confidence and returned to Ahmed’s arm. Five months after filming, Sarah and Ahmed are still in a relationship. But Internet users continue to doubt the sincerity of the beautiful brown. And a crazy rumor could prove them right. Indeed, for some time, a blonde woman claims to be the mistress of Ahmed. Annoyed, the young man finally spoke to explain this story.

Is Ahmed cheating on Sarah Fraisou? A young woman reveals everything

It’s the crazy rumor circulating on social networks! Some people say Ahmed cheats on Sarah Fraisou even while on vacation in Thailand. Indeed, the girl in question claimed that this infidelity still persists to this day. She also sent evidence to a Snapchatteur and asked him to send a video of her to Ahmed to see his reaction.

She adds : “If he lies, be careful, then I will give you the right to broadcast our videos of him and me and it will blow up!”

“This rumor is completely false!”

Faced with the magnitude of the controversy, the darling of Sarah Fraisou decided to speak urgently to explain: “There is a rumor going on right now on the networks that I would cheat Sarah right now, even with a girl who is in Thailand here. Already, there is not a second when I am not with Sarah. I am 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with her. So, I don’t see when I could cheat on her, especially with this thing that you send me! This rumor is completely false. “

The young man, whom we discovered in Villa 5, will take the opportunity to make a statement to his girlfriend : “Know one thing, of all the girls I have met, there is not one that happens to her toe! Not even at the end of his nail. I’m here with my wife on vacation and you are making up rumors to sow discord, but you will not succeed. I will not deceive her for anything in the world. Sarah is so good and pious … While this pfff girl died in the film! “

Sure of his coup, Ahmed does not hesitate to make a request to Internet users who accuse him of infidelity: “Please, take out the videos of me and this girl!

I’m waiting for that! “

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