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How to Handle Issues that Can Affect the Quality of Screen Recording Videos



If you’re using screen recording to capture video footage you should be aware that there are several issues that can affect it. The good news is that in most cases all that it takes is the right steps to prevent such issues, and preempt them entirely.

Among the steps that you should take to ensure that the quality of your screen recording videos is unaffected by any issues are to:

Try not to rely on the built-in microphone on your webcam or any other device, and instead use a decent external microphone if you’re recording a voiceover. The difference in audio quality will have a big impact on your video and improve it by leaps and bounds.

  • Minimize the amount of background noise

Another step to take if you’re recording a voiceover via a microphone is to minimize the amount of background noise. Make it a point to record some audio as a test, then identify and deal with any issues that you find.

  • Close unwanted programs and background processes

Using screen recording requires system resources, and closing programs and background processes that aren’t needed should free some up. That can ensure that the recording proceeds smoothly and your system performance doesn’t affect it. It will also help prevent unwanted notifications from appearing mid-recording.

If you do have issues, you may need to record at a lower quality or by using a more powerful computer.

  • Check that no virus scans or updates are scheduled

While you are recording the video the last thing you want is for a virus scan to begin or for your system to start downloading and installing updates. To ensure that doesn’t happen you should check and pause or delay any scans or updates that are scheduled.

  • Run apps that are being recorded in full screen

If possible you should run the app that you are recording in full screen to maximize the video resolution. The larger the dimensions of the frame that you record the higher the video resolution will be – and the maximum resolution that you can capture is the full screen resolution of your display.

  • Use the right settings in your screen recorder

Aside from the resolution, you should adjust the frame rate setting in your screen recorder to capture video that looks smoother. On top of that when the recording is complete you should encode the video using the appropriate settings – so its quality isn’t affected at that stage.

As you can see the list above will help you to avoid most of the issues you may have when you’re learning how to record screen on Windows 8 or any other platform. Most don’t require any special tools, and all you really need is a screen recorder such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio.

Make no mistake you may face other issues aside from the ones listed above. However they are far less common, and for the most part you shouldn’t need to concern yourself too much unless you notice that something else is affecting the video quality.

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