Some Hidden Android Features Which Can be of Great Use

Hidden Android features: Smartphones are a trend these days! But have you ever given it a thought whether we are even smart enough to use them properly? Do we even know all the benefits of having Android system in our pockets? Are we even aware of all the features Android operating system offers?

Our hectic schedule does not let us draw the time out to venture into the gadget and check out what Android gives us.
So today we bring to you some of the most interesting information about the hidden features that an android system ( mostly the latest versions) have.
Starting from the first Android version till the marshmallow version of today, Android has surprised us with some of its amazing features. Sometimes we fail to explore every nook and corner of the phone.
So to make this task easier we introduce some features to you which will surprise you and leave you jaw-dropped!
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Hidden Android Features

The developer option has it all!

Are you a lefty? I mean, use your left hand to do all the stuff instead of the right hand? Android has its way for you!
  • Go to the Developer options in the Settings menu
  • Scroll a little down, and you will find the Force RTL Layout Direction
What this Hidden Android Features does is, it changes the layout of the text and everything on the screen from left to the right. The Checkboxes appear on the left which makes the left handed user more comfortable in using the gadget! Isn’t it mind-blowing? No need to adjust to the right handed way anymore.
Make yourself comfortable with the ‘ RTL layout direction’.

Screen pinning!

We all have that naughty friend who sneaks into our phone anytime they get a chance and more often than not that chance happens to come when you have handed your phone over to that friend to check out some particular picture or file. The naughty mind will again try to peek into your gallery or your messages or any other personal stuff which you might not have wanted to share. How do you get rid of this tension? Just pin it up!
Screen pinning brings you the best way out.
  • Long press the multitask button on the right side
  • The pin icon pops up
  • Click on it
  • You’ve almost got it! The home screen button along with all other buttons
So now no more option left to your naughty buddy other than handing the phone over the back to you! Relax! Personal things are safe now

Is battery draining out? Disgusted you must be!

This awesome Hidden Android Features will help you to boost your battery performance.
Do one thing!
  • Go to  settings
  • Slide your finger down to the ‘Simulate Color Space’ option
  • Click on it and change to the Monochrome Mode
Your screen does not use any color now, and all the display appears in shades of black and white! The battery is saved to a great extent in this way!

Hey there for the game Freaks!

This one is for you guys!  Gaming needs smooth play of graphics and to make that happen android brings to you a unique feature which many of us might not know.
  • Go to setting
  • Click on the Developer Options
  • Tap your finger on the ‘Force 4xMSAA’ option for getting a better gaming experience
And for even more better gaming experience you can download Game Guardian.

Wi-Fi Battery Saving:

We all use Wi-Fi these days, right? But what happens when we are not using the phone? Does the Wi-Fi drain battery even then?
Yes! To save your battery, just follow some simple steps:
  • Go to Wi-Fi option
  • Long press the Wi-Fi option and you will get the option of ‘ Advanced Settings’
  • Just click on it, and you will find Wi-Fi optimization option
  • Click on it, and your Wi-Fi will also sleep along with your phone whenever you put your phone to the sleep mode.

Sharing is Caring!

But do you know what Android has got for this purpose too?It is the Android beam. Most of us are unaware of it!
  • Enable the NFC option In the more network options  in both the phones who want to share stuff between them
  • Then bring  the two phones close to each other and press their backs against each other
  • The phones will connect through NFC, and you can share light things easily. However, this process is not quite convenient for huge files.
Hope this article has helped you! Share these Hidden Android Features to your friends and be smart among your friends.
Thanks! More to come up soon!

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