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How to delete Google Search History on Android/PC



How to delete Google Search History

How to Delete Google Search History : As We all know Google is biggest search Engine of the world. Every Day billions of searches are performed globally on it, whether it is on Smartphones or PC. Alone you and I search hundreds of terms such as videos, articles or anything else. Everyone prefer Google first because of its features and UX.

Do you know google saves terms which we search for it?

Don’t get surprised. Google keeps an eye on what we search, where we visit, what are we doing online, what are we buying. So What we prefer, Google knows it. It knows your underwear sizes ;p . Google saves terms which we searched recently.

but Here I am gonna talk about “How to delete Google Search History ?”

Why do you want to delete Google Search History? There may be many reasons for it such as you searched porn through it ;p . Just Kidding ;p

Don’t worry Only Google knows it, not your father :p

But to be on safer side, you must clean your search history once a week.

Is it risky not to Delete Search History? 

I don’t know. what if your father starts searching your history? May be relative? ;p . Relatives are a headache for all youths. Even for me :p .

Don’t worry guys, Your relatives can’t do anything. I am here to help you. So Move Main Part of the Post.

How to Delete Google Search History?

Why Google saves terms which we have searched for? It is because We are logged in through Gmail Account. If we aren’t logged in, google can’t save history.

Let’s move to the interesting Part “How to delete Google Search History

It is very Simple to delete Google Search History from Android Phone/PC.

How to Delete Google Search History on Mobile

A Number of Mobile Users are greater than PC users. So First We’ll elaborate “How to delete Google Search History on Mobile”. It is very easy. Follow me :p

  • First Visit Google My Activity through a mobile browser and Log in with Gmail Account.
  • Tap on Three Line Menu on Top Left Corner.
  • Tap on “Delete Activity by”.
  • Choose the Day, which includes Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, All time and custom. Choose as per your need.
  • Choose the ‘Product‘. Select ‘Search‘ and ‘Image Search‘ options.
  • Click “Delete“.
  • Done!!

Isn’t easy? 😉

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How to Delete Google Search History on PC

Nothing is new in it. Same as above.

  • Visit ‘Google My Activity‘ through your preferred browser and log in with your Gmail Account
  • Click on ‘Delete Activity By‘ in left side bar. (See Image).
  • How to delete Google Search HistoryChoose Period to delete history between.

How to delete Google Search History

  • Click ‘Delete‘.

How to delete Google Search History

  • Confirm it.
  • Done!! History is deleted between the date you have chosen.

Finally, You are safe from your father. :p . You father will always be unaware of it. ;p

Note: This is just for educational Purpose ;p

Something Extra :p

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So this was “how to delete Google Search History from mobile and PC”. All Steps are mentioned carefully. If still any query roaming in your mind let me know. I will try to solve asap.

Do Share this Post to your friends and save them from their father. ;p

Thanks!! Stay Tuned for More.


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