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if he is scratching next to his litter, it is not only to mark his territory



Your Cat sometimes remains a huge mystery to you. Despite all the love you have for each other, it sometimes leaves you speechless. If you look on the bright side, it means that it still manages to surprise you, something that is increasingly rare in love. However, back to our problem, why does your cat scratch around its bowl or litter? Considered to be a great observer, he should quickly realize that this unfortunately does not do much.

If premium on board, we could tell you the same thing, you should know that our favorite felines never do anything by chance. As always with them, each movement has a meaning, a message that we are trying to decipher.

The cat obeys its instinct

To try to understand a cat, it is essential to return to its primary instinct, that in the wild. During this period, he managed to eat alone and his famous bowl was not always full at a fixed time. Keep in mind that it is better to feed him several times a day in small quantities than two or three in large quantities.

Before being domesticated, He had to hunt and master his environment as well as possible, thus avoiding being surprised. Let us not forget that our tomcat has the distinction of being both a prey and a hunter. This is for example why the cat puts his paw in the water before drinking.

In his wild state, he had to be inventive so that we could not spot him. Generally speaking, animals have more developed senses than humans, smell or taste are particularly more powerful.

So, in order not to leave its odor, the cat dug a hole in the ground to put the remains of its prey there. Leaving as few traces as possible of its passage, it ensures better security vis-à-vis other predators.

The cat marks its territory

You have already noticed that any change in its environment or disruption of its routine can cause your cat to change its behavior.

It is no coincidence that your cat is distant when you return from vacation. When he is at home, not at home, he feels a strong need to mark and master his territory. Pheromones at the level of its legs allow it to put its scent and thus mark its territory.

When he makes his claws on the sofa or comes to rub against you, beyond the fact that he shows you affection, he also takes the opportunity to mark his territory. Your cat considers you to be his mother and it is important for him to tell you this regularly. By scratching his paws on the ground, he shows any other feline who ventures that we are well on his territory.

Your cat is full of surprises.

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