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In turn, Amazon Prime Video reduces its bit rates



As a result of the coronavirus epidemic that is currently affecting the entire world, Internet use has increased significantly, largely influenced by the massive circulation of movies and series on streaming platforms. After Netflix and YouTube for the past 24 hours, it is the giant Amazon Prime Video which has just communicated through a press release, that it intended to make efforts to “Alleviate network congestion”.

Flow reduction measures will therefore be taken, for the time being in Europe, while the European Commission is at the origin of this backup request. Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, spoke to Netflix on Twitter, indicating that in “Period of confinement in front of COVID-19, teleworking and streaming are very useful, but infrastructures can be put to the test”.

What Amazon Prime Video Will Do

To meet EU demand, Amazon and its Prime Video service will “Reduce its streaming rates”. To do this, the video-on-demand platform will lower the definition of overall reading of users, during their distribution of films and series. In its press release, the service wants to be reassuring by indicating that they were going to maintain “A quality streaming experience for [les] clients “.

It is therefore rather vague to know what Amazon Prime Video will actually achieve. Will they ban ultra-HD broadcasting? Netflix is ​​committed to reducing its bitrate by 25%, but like Prime Video, we still have no idea how this drop will take shape. YouTube, for example, has set up standard quality by default. But users can still fix this by navigating through the settings to select a higher resolution.

Disney + vs Netflix: comparison of video streaming platforms

In this situation, the streaming market is obviously pointed out, while it represents an overwhelming majority of Internet consumption. In France, in the evening, the share of cumulative consumption between Netflix, YouTube and Facebook regularly reaches 80%. A saturation situation which presents potentially a danger “, As Cédric O, the digital secretary of state, said. Next March 24, Disney + is due to be released in France, and the announcement alerts the French government.

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