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Instagram vs Twitter vs Facebook: Which one have Amazing Visual Content




Social media is all about visual content. With the traditional social networks, I’m using periscope and addicted to ‘Periscope’ the live streaming app from Twitter and Layout the photo montage app from Instagram. Have you tried them yet? I’d recommend them both, they are great fun but make sure you have some time to spare before you get started. Before you try the apps here are my top reads of the week. Let’s get into it!



I love Instagram, I probably use it too much but there’s something about scrolling through snippets from people’s lives that really attracts me. We all know it’s important to hashtag our photos but how many of us are captioning our pictures? Even a short caption below your photo can change the context or meaning of the image and give it more power. Longer captions can do far more. I love the examples, particularly the one from @thiswildidea that reminds me of a choice of your own adventure.

With images, the Instagram video is even more powerful than the images. So, by posting the videos on the Instagram you can potentially reach more customers and a wider audience. Another advantage of Instagram video is; you can instantly share them in your favorite social networks. It again expands your reach.

So, why are you waiting for? If you want to promote your business all over the world or just acquire them in a local then take advantage of this app. I’m sure you will find awesome results when you are analyzing your success. The best thing is that you can buy high quality real Instagram followers to get more eyes on your visual content.


There is no doubt that Twitter is now a rich content network. If you aren’t using images and video you should be. Tweets with images get on average 35% more RT’s and get far more engagement. Vine is acquired by Twitter which is a great visual platform where you can shoot 6-second video and share it on Twitter. It is very easy to shoot loop video using the Vine app on your smartphone. Apart from the shooting, the vine offers many editing tools to edit the videos. So, you can easily transform the mediocre video into an awesome one.


Facebook images and videos are massive hit over the web. In order to help you create better Facebook videos, there are a lot of apps that help the users to make great videos. People can promote their videos through Facebook ads which can be a massively effective tool. In order to help you create better ads, Facebook has released a set of tools to make it easier.  You should also measure your social media efforts. Is it really that hard to measure return on investment (ROI) on our social media efforts? I don’t think so, in fact, I think it might be easier than traditional media. The problem is that many of us don’t measure or don’t know how to measure.

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