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Issues That Make Your Mac Slow and How to Solve Them



Why is your Mac very slow

Don’t Realize What Makes Your Mac Slow – We Know the Answer!

If you encounter an incorrect and slow operation of the laptop, you are in right place. In this article, you will find a 100% solution or a hint how to fix it

Mac computers occupy a special niche in the field of advanced computer technologies. They are characterized by high performance, speed and convenience in use. Unfortunately, in our world, there is nothing perfect, and Mac computers can get an issue. You can find a lot of information on the technological features of Mac on the Internet, but here we will tell you how to cope with the problems that an average user of laptop may face with.

Problems That Can Slow down Mac

1. MacBook Loads for a Few Minutes.

It can appear because the memory is crammed to the limit, and it simply cannot cope with this amount of information in a short time.

The initial thing you can do is clean it by deleting unnecessary information. Don’t store any unnecessary rubbish. This can be compared to cleaning in the room, the more rubbish you throw out, the freer and more spacious you will feel.

If the cleaning didn’t help, and there is still little space, a good option would be to purchase an external hard drive and move most of the information to it. After these procedures, the computer should work fine.

Talking about memory, we recommend checking the status of the hard disk (hours of operation) with a special test, check the SSD drive, if it is installed.

The time of hard disk is difficult to check, its mass consumption is guaranteed to work about 100 000 hours, manufacturers on average provide a year of warranty which means that problems can arise in a year or 10 years from the moment of purchase. Use this link to find a solution to problems.

2. If Mac Is Warming Up, Can This Affect the Speed of Its Operation?

One of the reasons for slowing down the work may be insufficient cooling of components – to do this, find out when you have cleaned the laptop with the replacement of thermal paste. On average, such cleaning should be done once a year to maintain the device in good condition.

3. Obsolete Components Are One of the Reasons for Malfunctioning

If you use MacBook that doesn’t have an SSD drive and you are concerned about the speed of its work, it’s worthwhile to do an upgrade. Consult a specialist who can correctly determine what your laptop is missing and how to fix it.

If any of the problems doesn’t suit, let’s consider the following options.

1. System Monitoring

That program displays all running processes, shows the consumption of resources each of the running applications. Open System Monitoring, select the sort by CPU time consumption. Then you have to click on the program that consumes the most resources and close it.

It’s worth noting that this solution is temporary, cause the next time you start this application, Mac will start working again slowly. Think about how important is this application to you, and if possible, remove it.

2. Turn off the Animation.

macOS has a huge number of effects and animations that can significantly slow down the performance of older devices with integrated graphics cards from Intel. The most reasonable solution is to turn off the animation and transparency. Go to Settings – “Universal access” and at the “Monitor” tab checkbox “Reduce transparency”.

3. Using FileVault.

Starting with OS X Yosemite, the system defaults to FileVault encryption that helps to save user data in the situation of theft or loss. Any encryption reduced the performance of the computer. To speed up the work, you can disable encryption through the section “Protection and Security”

4. Safari vs Chrome.

Chrome browser uses much system resources. Try using the standard Safari and leave Chrome for an emergency.

Other reasons that slow down MacBook’s work could be faulty components (current and temperature sensors). This is already a serious problem and it requires a longer diagnosis and the specialist.

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