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It is possible to go out with him but an exemption does not allow you to do everything



As the coronavirus pandemic rages in France, the owners ofAnimals company will have to review their habits. The new containment measures of the President of the Republic Emmanuelle Macron which have been announced are reinforced. Getting some fresh air and going out with your dog is always possible but the stricter rules do not allow you to do what you want, when you want and as you want. Many questions arise and we give you some answers.

What are the rules for taking your dog out?

Whatever trip you take, you must have a travel exemption certificate which you can download from the government website. This attestation to be completed “on honor” authorizes you to take your dog out near your home. Please note, the virtual format (phone or tablet) is not valid. The document must be printed.

We can always practice physical activity with our dog.

Man’s best friend is a real pass to get out and get some fresh air. Some have understood it. However, the time spent outside and limited as well as the exit perimeter. While some abandon their animals for various (bad) reasons, others will learn more to share moments of life with their companion. Getting your dog out makes you do a good physical activity of walking.

You can go out for an hour a day and walk with your dog. This is advised and will cause you to get some fresh air during this confinement period.

Are veterinarians still open?

Most of the veterinarians are open but with an appointment. Because of coronavirus, they must set up visit schedules so that customers do not cross paths with each other. They remain open for emergencies as before, 24 hours a day.

Travel to the veterinarian remains authorized (as noted on the website of the Ministry of the Interior).

Can you move with your dog without authorization?

You are allowed to go out around your home to walk your dog (maximum 1 kilometer) or take him to the veterinarian. The certificate remains mandatory in both cases otherwise you risk an almond of 135 euros, the increase of the latter is much more important.

Does my dog ​​have covid 19?

According to WHO (The World Health Organization) dogs do not spread the virus, so there is no point in abandoning it.

Generally, when you adopt a dog it is for life. There is also no point in putting masks on animals.

The cove (the national agency for food safety and environmental protection) joined the WHO on this subject. Remember that in any situation, you must not forget to apply the barrier gestures, before and after your dog’s walks. Remember to wash your hands well with soap or with an alcoholic solution. It is useless to wash your dog’s paws more regularly than usual.

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