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LJUBLJANA practical guide: tips, advice and tested addresses



In addition to my article on my visit to Ljubljana, I give you my experience of the city through practical information. I share with you my tips (the best way to go to Ljubljana, where to park) and advice as well as addresses and reviews (bars and restaurants tested).

How to get to Ljublana?

🚙 By car (for a road trip in Slovenia for example), allow around 12 hours by road from Paris via Strasbourg and Austria. Otherwise, from Lyon, 9 hours through the Fréjus and Milan tunnels. 8 hours from Nice.

✈️ By plane, at Jože Pučnik Airport in Ljubljana from Paris Charles-De-Gaulle or from Brussels. You can get an idea of ​​the price of plane tickets by looking on the site, flight comparator.

🚄 By train making a stopover in Frankfurt or Turin or Venice or Trieste…. Anyway, there, you will understand, it will be long and tedious!

Where to park in Ljublana?

Contrary to what I had imagined with my a priori, parking in Ljubljana is very complicated because everything is paying, even in residential areas where the sidewalks are still gravel! In short, a real hassle to turn (in circles) to successfully install the car without paying 1 € (I prefer to spend my budget on tours! And bars …). But, as almost always, mission accomplished around Oražnova ulica. On the other hand, yes, we have to walk a little … But who does it hurt?

Where to eat and where to have a drink?

You will be spoiled for choice as you stroll through the old town of Ljubljana! The streets and the quays are crowded with restaurants, especially Cankarjevo nabrejeẑje (often full: be patient or anticipate). The first evening, tired, we ended up not thinking too much and we fell (it’s almost the case to say it) at the Romeo coffee who makes various burritos (yes, I know, it’s not very local …) and cocktails to wait. Friendly welcome, tasty food even if it did not quite quench my voracious appetite.

Right after, the Square Vodnikov trg With l’Tourist Office and especially the market, to see in the morning to enjoy the fruit and vegetable stalls of local farmers and socks in packs of 10. It was here (during a downpour) that I ate my first burek, a Slovenian specialty, from a fries hut. The covered market building to the north of the square, built by Jože Plečnik, is rather home to meats, cheeses and lots of small bars / snack bars / shops. Right next to it is the Dragon Bridge Zmajski most.

As a snack, we (finally) tried local “gastronomy” by tasting the famous burek Slovenian, a kind of lukewarm pie stuffed with potato and a choice of beef, spinach or cheese. We took it on the market place in a kind of fried hut, probably not the best place to taste the dish of the century: a little fatty, a little dry but, on the whole, not so bad in taste. In any case, this traditional dish (of the poor) does its job, wedging the belly of the glutton that I am!

If you want a drink but you don’t want to be seen on the upmarket docks, I recommend you the quiet terraces under the plane trees of Zvezda Park. It’s here at Bar Bistro Platana (the aptly named!) that I landed at the end of my visit to Ljubljana to rest my feet, deflate my calves and … get my camera battery charged. Yes, the guy is frankly very cool, like all Slovenians elsewhere! Another spot discovered on the way, we passed right next to a place very “in place” in local life, the Gajo Jazz Club which is a… well you understood it! It is a small guinguette-style square, located between the Opera and the Museum, where only the ear betrays its discretion. The time had come to return but it made me very frankly want to land there, under the arbors and with good music!

Tivoli Park is the urban place for jogging and family walks by bike and stroller. At the end of the central aisle, a building houses the International Center for Graphic Arts and two cafes. A little further on, a guinguette bar is also installed on the banks of a lily pond, for an impressionist atmosphere at the end of the 19th century.

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