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Messi earns Mandanda’s monthly salary … every day!



March 23, 2020 at 1:10 pm by Thomas

Lionel Messi Steve Mandanda salary

Lionel Messi earns 358,000 euros every day, the equivalent of Steve Mandanda’s monthly salary.

Lionel Messi remains the highest paid footballer in the world, in 2020. This is what the annual ranking of France Football magazine reveals, on the salaries of football stars, to be released tomorrow Tuesday, March 24. The FC Barcelona striker earned more than 130 million euros gross in 2019. Or, as the weekly writes, the gross amount of € 358,000 … every day.

Lionel Messi won 358,000 euros gross every day of 2019

This, in addition to all income: the salary received over the period with FC Barcelona, ​​the associated individual or collective bonuses and all extra-sport income from sponsorship or entrepreneurial activities of the player. The Pulga has a host of sponsors to stick their image to its own, including its equipment manufacturer adidas, Ooredoo, Huawei or Lays chips and Gatorade energy drinks; two brands for which he has just shot cool commercial campaigns, seen on Sportune (here and there).

The equivalent of Steve Mandanda’s monthly salary at OM

At more than 130 million in total, Lionel Messi maintains its revenues from year to year. His daily income is so insane that he is Steve Mandanda’s equal every month with OM (360,000 euros, without bonuses or sponsorship). The French international goalkeeper is, according to The Team of the Month for February, the 28th highest paid player in the League, this 2019-20 season. The stat highlights the differential between the Argentinian and his peers. With a few exceptions named Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar, in particular.

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