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Review of The Top Pinball Machines – How to purchase one?



Pinball Machines

As much as the gaming world is moving forward, owing to the amazing technological advancement, there are people who would rather delve into retro gaming and play arcade games. One of the most prominent arcade games is pinball, which provides incredible fun for both children and adults. 

Therefore, nowadays many people wish to purchase a pinball machine, place it in their home and enjoy playing the games together with their friends or family members. However, since these machines are becoming harder to buy, you have to consider multiple factors prior to starting your search. 

You can use reviews as a resource to check out some of the top models on the market as well as to take a look at the following tips.

Pinball Machines

Select a type

When it comes to selecting a type, there isn’t much of a choice, as pinball machines can be found just in two basic types, electro-mechanical (EM) and solid-state (SS). 

The former date a long time ago and it’s actually the variant which was invented first. It’s composed of numerous mechanical parts and switches, which require regular maintenance but provide an extensive lifespan. As long as you play it frequently, there’s less chance of showing defects. Moreover, in case some part breaks down, it can be replaced or fixed by anyone who possesses even the least mechanic skills. 

The latter variant is the one which has more advanced features, as it contains a processor which makes it computerized. Unlike the electromechanical type, this one presents the score on a display. However, the main cause of defects in the processor which has to be repaired by someone who is proficient in the field of electronics, as you aren’t likely to fix it on your own. 

The decision on the type depends on what type of person you are. If you’re a technology enthusiast, then the solid-state variant would be the perfect solution for you. Conversely, in case you’re more of a retro gaming kind of person, who wants to take a break from all the latest technology games, then the electro-mechanical kind is certainly a better choice. Click here to learn more about the retro gaming world. 

Pick a theme

There’s a wide extension of pinball machines themes, suitable for every player’s preferences. You can choose music, movie or sports themes, depending on your interests. Also, there’re cartoon themes, designed for the younger players. 

What you need to decide is who you’re going to play pinball with. In case you intend to use it as a way of having family fun, then you better pick one of the family themes, which is universal to play in terms of age. 

However, if you plan to use the pinball machine as a way of having fun with your friends, then you can choose some of the adult themes in accordance with everyone’s preferences. 

Consider its location in your home

Many people disregard the location aspect prior to making the purchase. However, make sure that you have enough space to place the pinball machine in your house, as it’s quite big in terms of size and rather heavy in terms of weight. It doesn’t seem large when placed in a large-sized space, but it’s definitely going to look huge if you place it in a small-sized room. The best option would be to place it in your basement or in the living room, which is more spacious.

In addition, noise is another factor to be considered, as these machines are known for being loud. Therefore, it’s advisable to place it somewhere in your house, where it won’t disturb the other family members while you are playing. Also, bear in mind that the solid-state type has a feature of turning its volume down. 

Method of purchase

As pinball machines are already considered to be outdated, the choice of models to purchase is getting more limited by the minute. Perhaps, the most efficient option would be to purchase it from someone in your local area as you’ll avoid delivery, but you have to be extremely lucky in order to find a seller in the place where you dwell. 

The options you have left are either to buy it from retailers or homeowners. In the first case, you have to make sure that the seller is reputable and provides you with a warranty as well as the service of fixing the pinball machine in case of a defect. This is an extremely important factor as nowadays there aren’t many people who know how to make the necessary repairs. 

Furthermore, you can purchase one from a homeowner who decided it’s time to sell its pinball by advertising it online. Naturally, in this case, you won’t be provided with a warranty and you’d also need to pay the delivery cost. The tips on the following link:, might help you in the process of its transportation. The price you’ll pay for it will be lower in comparison with the one bought from a retailer, but you will be taking a much higher risk. 

Find one in good condition 

Prior to buying a pin, you need to perform an inspection on its condition, as this factor is the one that most commonly dictates the price. If you plan to treasure it and use it for a long time, then you’d better buy one in good condition which costs more than the ones with low prices, which are likely to break down relatively soon. 

Moreover, make sure the model you buy has parts available for purchase, as some models have parts that can’t be found on the market. Additionally, take a good look at the back glass in order to inspect its condition. This part is the hardest to find and costs the most to get it replaced. 

Wrap up

Purchasing a pinball is like buying a time-machine that takes you back to your youth.

You won’t regret getting one for your home!

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