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Saving Notre-Dame, documentary told by Philippe Torreton on Tuesday April 14 on France 2.



Saving Notre-Dame, documentary told by Philippe Torreton on Tuesday April 14 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2.

A film by Charlène Gravel and Quentin Domart, produced by Gédéon Programs.

They faced danger, the unknown, the storm together … They worked in toxic lead dust. But they succeeded. Thanks to exceptional images and unpublished testimonies, this documentary film tells the story of these builders, who for a year have been fighting to save Notre-Dame. Between human challenges and technical prowess, a moving and spectacular immersion.

In the aftermath of the fire that struck Notre-Dame de Paris, the cathedral threatened to collapse. Then begins a real race against the clock for a hundred men and women, who will fight for a year to save this world heritage. Architects, stonemasons, carpenters, crane operators, scaffolders, rope access technicians, archaeologists … This unique project brings together rare skills.

Who are the rescuers of Notre-Dame? How did they succeed in this unique challenge? In a rare impulse and cohesion, they achieved many technical and human prowess. This documentary film followed these very special rescuers for a year, immersed by their side, in order to tell this spectacular and moving adventure.

Charlène Gravel and Quentin Domart, directors:

“When Notre-Dame burns, the whole world holds its breath, suspended in the future of this world heritage of humanity, symbol of eternity, which the flames devour. Each then realizes for a short moment that there nothing eternal.

With the fire out, this gem still threatens to collapse. This is where an adventure begins that we wanted to show at all costs.

Architects, stonecutters, carpenters, rope access technicians, scaffolders, crane operators, archaeologists from all over France, are grouping around one goal: Saving Notre-Dame. They do not know each other, and yet will live THE construction site of their life.

For a year, they will try to save this building, together. Thanks to complex, modern, or ancestral technical processes, they will gradually secure the building. But we wanted this chronicle to be more than a technical site film. Because what led their mission to success was not just their work. It is above all a marvelous impulse, of devotion to engender something greater than oneself, an experience of confidence and cohesion. However, they will have to work under enormous pressure, be it media, political, or health. Each test will strengthen human cohesion and the courage of our protagonists.

Behind this drama, it is the generated beauty, aesthetic, but above all human that we have chosen to show. A historic challenge which hides in itself a rare treasure: an adventure of resilience. “

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