2 Ways to Share WiFi Without Revealing Password

What do you do when someone asks WiFi Password to use Internet on Android or iOS Device? Actually You don’t wish to share but still you do. We don’t want to share WiFi Password with someone else. It is a big headache for me (even for you too) to change WiFi password again and again after revealing it with others. Actually sometimes, We forget to reset the Password and Our friend, neighbour consume our Internet Data. That is the reason I hate to share it with Others.

Finally I found a solution for all who don’t wish to share WiFi Password to others. This Hack works like a charm. You don’t need to share your WiFi Password instead you can share your Internet Connection without revealing the Key. How is it possible to share WiFi Internet Without Password? Wait and Read further.

Actually This Hack Works when other person is using Android, or iOS Device or any other device that can read QR Codes. Your friend will scan your WiFi Connection QR Code through his Device(Android, iOS) that we would be creating and His device will get connected to your WiFi. That’s it. Isn’t a good idea?

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Here I am going to share 3 ways to Share WiFi without Password:

  • Using WPS
  • Using QR Code

Connect Using WPS : No Password Needed

It is very easy to use. Many of us might not be aware of WPS actually. Let me clear for what is WPS? WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a wireless network security standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. Here steps are given to connect Your Device with WPS-

  1. First of all, Hold the WPS button (In most cases, It can be found on Backside of router) on your Router for 2-3 Seconds.
  2. Now Open your Device (Android, iOS) WiFi, Click on WPS Pin Entry Button(as Given in Image Below).connect using wps
  3. Connection Process will be started and your device will be connected automatically.

Connect Using QR Code : Just Scan

There are plenty of website that let us generate QR codes. but I recommend only http://goqr.me

Your friend need to scan the generated QR Code every time once he disconnect. So QR Code is the best option instead of WPS.

How to Generate WiFi QR Code

  1. Just open any of the site in browser given above. Select WiFi (as You want to get QR Code for WiFi).
  2. Fill the Details as SSID, WPA2, and Router WiFi Password etc.
  3. Hit Generate QR Code. That’s it.

Now you can share that QR Code to Your Friends without revealing the WiFi Password.

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How to connect WiFi Using QR Code:

Your friends need to install an App like QR Scanner. You can download it from Play Store. There are plenty of QR Code Scanner available on Play Store and iTune App Store.

  1. Download any of QR Scanner App.
  2. Scan the Generated WiFi QR Code
  3. You’ll be connected.

Last Words:

Hope this article will help you from sharing the password directly. This way you’ll be free from password changing headache. If you liked it, Generate your Personal QR Code and Protect your WiFi Password instead of sharing the Password directly.

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