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Sunday evening on M6: “Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants: on the front line facing Covid-19”



Next weekend, Sunday March 29, change of content for the Prohibited Zone and Exclusive Survey programs on M6:

9:05 pm – Forbidden Zone: “Doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides: on the front line opposite Covid-19” (unpublished)

11:05 pm – Exclusive survey: “Covid-19 in Asia: how to win the war” (unpublished)

At a time when doctors, nurses’ aides and nurses are fighting step by step against the Covid-19, teams from the Prohibited Zone were able to follow the fight against the virus at the heart of the most exposed emergency services in France. In exclusivity, the cameras have notably been able to accompany army doctors during the deployment of the military field hospital set up in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) since Monday to support the resuscitation services overwhelmed by the influx of patients .

The heart of the epidemic is in eastern France. In the emergency department of Colmar, staff face the energy of despair in caring for patients and supporting families. In Mulhouse, the army is setting up a new system: setting up an intensive care unit dedicated to resuscitation in record time, a practice quite different from war medicine to which this kind of structure is usually dedicated.

At Samu de Melun in Seine-et-Marne, the number of calls explodes. It is necessary to reassure the worried patients and to take care of the suspect patients, without risking contaminating the personnel.

At Bichat Hospital (Paris XVIII), a benchmark establishment for receiving patients infected with Covid-19, Professor Cazalino and Doctor Choquet must constantly reorganize their emergency department and reassure their staff more than ever mobilized.

In Martigues (Bouches-du-Rhône) near Marseille, in a service already out of breath, in chronic shortage of beds, we draw on the latest resources to best anticipate a potential influx of patients.

The same problem is posed everywhere in France: coping with the pandemic in an already complicated context. Because for almost a year, an unprecedented strike movement has affected emergency services. The Covid-19 violently highlights the lack of human and financial resources in our hospitals … and above all the heroism of its medical teams.

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