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tackles the subject of religion and responds to racist comments



Discovery in Who wants to marry my son 4? in 2015, Jazz, Shake’s contender, burst the screen by humiliating the young man in front of the whole of France. An explosive finish that surely gave a turning point to her career, since the young woman with a strong character will later become an emblematic character of Angels 8 then The Villa of Broken Hearts. Jazz, his real name Jazmin Amy Anais Lanfranchi Shooter, meets her spouse Laurent Correia in 2017. Since then, they have never left each other.

On April 9, 2018, Jazz and Laurent are victims of an armed robbery at home, when their first daughter, Chelsea, was only four months old. Three weeks after the drama, the couple decided to leave France for Dubai, where they lead a peaceful life. From the United Arab Emirates, Jazz and Laurent Correia display their wealth (villa of 800 m², luxury cars, clothes of major brands) and are regularly found in the spotlight of critics and controversies. Today, the young mother decided to give herself up, more precisely to confide in her religion and her origins.

Is Jazz Muslim? She responds to racist comments

In his latest Instagram post, Jazz poses with his son Cayden in his arms. If fans love the photo that has already garnered more than 300,000 likes, many have wondered. Indeed, in its legendMy baby is growing so fast Mashallah, you will always be a miracle in my life. I love you Cayden “, Jazz used a word in Arabic.

“Mash Allah” means: “according to the will of Allah”. So, has Jazz converted to Islam in Dubai? She finally answers this question:

First, I live in an Arab country. Secondly, I am not Catholic, I am not Christian, I am not Jewish, I am not I do not know what. I come from a multi-religion family. I am what I want to be. I read racist sentences of the sick like “they can’t be Muslim, because you saw the little one? He’s as white as a c * l! Starfoullah [signifie littéralement ‘Je demande pardon à Allah’, NDLR] what you say with your mouth! You know there are white and blonde Muslim people with blue eyes? Especially my Algerian grandfather. “

Jazz removes comments and pokes

Always up against the many negative comments she received and deleted under her Instagram shot, Jazz very worried about the coronavirus continues to explain:

My name is Jazmin and I was not born in France! The first motto of religions is not to judge others! Mingle from your home! I take a picture with my cute son and people argue with me. Give me advice with pleasure, but stop trying to judge the whole world to feel better! “

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