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Teaser video des cancres, program produced by Bonne Pioche and broadcast on April 1 on RMC Story.



Jamel Debouzze, Michel Drucker, Jean Paul Gautier, Daniel Pennac, François Pinault, Marilou Berri, Xavier Niel, Alain Afflelou, Jacques Dessange, Vincent Lacoste, Fabrice Lucchini, Jean-Jacques Bourdin, Alain Ducasse have all experienced academic failure.

Les cancres, a documentary series scheduled for April 1 at 8:55 p.m. on the RMC Story channel, is the meeting, in the perm room, between high school students not always sure of their future and success models who have also experienced the last rank.

“Today in France, around 100,000 students leave the school system every year without any qualifications. Inferiority complex, lack of self-esteem, feeling of not being in their place: academic failure is the first cause of children’s anxiety about school.

In each issue, Joël Bouraïma, in the role of mediator, is surrounded by five teenagers who are surprised to discover that a prestigious guest has come to meet them to discuss together on a point they have in common: ‘school ! A real problem encountered by certain adolescents during their schooling and more particularly between adolescence and adulthood. On this occasion, Black M, Gad Elmaleh, Adrien Aumont (co-founder of the participative site KissKissBankBank), Cécile Ladjali (novelist, playwright and teacher) and Clarisse Agbegnenou (judokate) lend themselves to the exercise by coming to share with them their stories , their experiences and their advice.

In “Les Cancres” the cameras are far from the protagonists, almost hidden but film as close as possible. Far from “glamourizing” school failure, the program highlights success, surpassing oneself, good meetings, the desire to get out of it in a confusing economic and social period for this young generation “.

Episode 1, with Gad Elmaleh on April 1, 2020 at 8:55 p.m .: direction lycée Saint Marc in Lyon. William, Juliette, Margaux, Tahina, Coralie and Ayoub meet Gad Elmaleh. At 10 years old, in Casablanca, he was skipping his lessons to go and imitate his grandmother. In high school, he was fired from everywhere: public, private, French mission, Jewish school. The teachers said, “He’s a bum, he won’t do anything with his life.” At 17, he left Casa for Canada, finished his high school years and even began studying political science. But caught up with the envy of the stage, Gad decides to come to Paris to register for Cours Florent. In front of him, the high school students reveal themselves: harassment, dropping out, school phobia, shyness, hyperactivity, life without parents … Everyone nevertheless has ambitions, even real passions. Between listening, advice and kindness, Gad gives himself up like never before during a key period of his life.

Format 8 x 26 minutes for this Bonne Pioche production.

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