How is Text Messaging affecting Teen Literacy?

Text messaging is the practice, which came up after the arrival of smart phones and other internet network devices within the market, is quite popular among the youths.

Not just the teenagers do texting for informal communication with the peers and friends, but many old aged people are also seen doing so. They use it not only for the entertainment purposes but also for the business related communication.

Few ISPs within the America, like Spectrum (which provides the internet services at the affordable prices), offer the data plans which employ very little or no charges on the consumers to communicate endlessly to a wide range of the online mobile apps. Also, while doing so, they were thought of having contributed to a flourishing social issue – which is in need of the governmental intervention to get curtailed while it is in its initial stages.

The Evolution of Smart Phones and Mobile Carriers


As the mobile devices flooded out firstly in the digital customer marketplace during the second half of the last century, the data carriers got bent for offering the free services of text messages to the initial customers. During those days, it was very common to see that most of the mobile users were texting away to their most of the contacts for the communicative purposes of iphlpsvc tuning, and the only few of them were using the tariffed call services. The dynamics changed very soon, but; the mobile network companies identified the profiteering strength of charging money for each of the digital amenities they offer including free text messages.  

Now, most of the mobile operators provide a heap of less-charge calling and messaging packages for the customers; each of which, as expected, try to be excellent and hit the youths.

Texting – and its Effect on the Teen Literacy

However, an uninterrupted access of the services (included calling facilities and text messaging) provided by the mobile companies came along with the fair share of the drawbacks. One of the highly obvious of such issues are related with the teen literacy, and particularly, there are a lot of ways in which chatting online, calling and text messaging can create problems in the educational domain of the teens and growing up adults. But there are some benefits too. some people letMeWatchThis and earn a lot.

It is a common thing nowadays that young adults and teens are seen texting whole night. This leads to some serious effects on the professional careers of these students. They face a lot of big challenges in the classrooms, while focusing on their studies and exhibit a great tendency of being lagged behind in the studies. They even show poor performance in school work as compared to those who spend most of their time in academic pursuits.

Most of the teenagers are known to be involved in the love affairs – a lot of such affairs are the simple infatuations which cause a deep psychological and emotional toll on them later on. Subsequently, these students lose their interest in the everyday healthy activities such as sports, reading books, and other kinds of physical work. because all of the attention is on the social media and gadgets.   

When Crime Become Complicit with text

There is a compulsive form of texting like sexting, known as another form of negative consequence of the texting nowadays which can be monetized. Teens and young adults hope to earn quick money and have contacts with the sexual deviated criminals. These criminals, in exchange of the explicit text (porn) and media content, pay large amount of money directly to young adults who provide such content.

In America, a lot of grown up adults are caught red-handed for attempting some lustful crimes for this black business – and have got prosecuted subsequently though the long prison sentences. Along with this, there are some cases reported of the public infamy.

Texting –Drawing Boundaries

Most of the internet connections nowadays (like the Spectrum) feature anti-hacking and strict anti-virus services which helps in preventing a lot of the cybercriminals from damaging the online lives of young adults and children. However, for having a complete check, parents should not only keep an eye on the mobile phones or digital gadgets of their children but also monitor which kind of people they interact with in real life.

Another important thing to be considered is the unusual and uncontrollable indulgence of teenagers in the mobile phones. This not only affect their regular objectives and tasks, but also destroy their mental capabilities. Sometimes, teens become so indulged that they choose never to leave the rooms and join their families for meals and other events. After the constant state of isolation and silence, the psychological disturbance rises. The best thing which parents can do about such condition is to restrain the usage of internet and mobile phones for their children and convince them to interact with the people.

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