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The Dérapages series, with Éric Cantona and Alex Lutz, broadcast on April 23 and 30 on ARTE.



Thursday 23 and then Thursday 30 April 2020 on ARTE, broadcast of the six episodes of the Dérapages series. 3 per evening, from 8:55 p.m. And in full on from April 16 to May 13.

Written by Pierre Lemaitre after his novel Cadres noirs and directed by Ziad Doueiri (L’insulte, Baron noir), Dérapages follows the gear of a man ready to do anything to regain his place in society and within his family .

A thriller interpreted by Éric Cantona, Suzanne Clément, Alex Lutz, Gustave Kervern, Alice de Lencquesaing, Louise Coldefy.

When a prestigious company finally retains his candidacy, Alain Delambre, long-term unemployed, is ready to betray his family and even participate in a role play in the form of hostage taking, certain that if he is hired, everything will be forgiven him. But nothing will go as planned …

The beginning: Alain Delambre (Éric Cantona), former HRD, has been unemployed for six years. Soon at the end of rights, he multiplies the thankless jobs to face precariousness, but an argument with an employer puts an end to this fragile balance. Despite the support of his wife Nicole (Suzanne Clément), he began to lose ground. Hope is reborn when a recruiting firm offers her an interview for an attractive job. Behind this mysterious cabinet, officiates Alexandre Dorfmann (Alex Lutz), CEO of Exxya, a multinational company in difficulty which is preparing a major redundancy plan …

Characters :

  • Alain Delambre (Éric Cantona), 57, has been unemployed for 6 years and goes on ungrateful jobs to survive. It is washed out, on the verge of burnout. His wife and daughters support him, but he finds it increasingly difficult to hide his anger. Until the day when a recruitment agency offers him a job interview, in which he will put all his hopes. All he wants is a job to protect his family and regain their dignity. Alain is tenacious and driven by good intentions. But lately, he no longer knows how to make sense of things …
  • Alexandre Dorfmann (Alex Lutz) is the CEO of Exxya, a multinational dedicated to aeronautics and armaments. The company is going through turbulence and it is ready to do anything to turn it around. On the program, a layoff plan affecting more than 1,000 employees. To choose which of his lieutenants will lead this project, he uses a recruitment agency with formidable methods. Cold and manipulative, Dorfmann is always one step ahead, but he has never dealt with an opponent like Alain Delambre.
  • Charles (Gustave Kervern) does handling in a logistics warehouse. This is where he met Alain. Like him, he is downgraded: before finding himself living in his caravan, he was a computer programmer. Despite his injuries, he approaches situations with a humorous distance and remains a loyal ally in all circumstances. Alain will use his talents to carry out his plan.
  • Nicole Delambre (Suzanne Clément) is a pillar. Faced with difficulties, she stands straight. Alain’s outbursts worry her, but she wants to believe in their future. When she realizes that it is slipping, she no longer recognizes him. She rebels, scandalized by the game he accepts to play, but she is not at the end of her surprises. Not to mention that she too has things to hide …
  • Lucie and Mathilde Delambre (Alice de Lencquesaing, Louise Coldefy) are the daughters of Alain and Nicole. Mathilde is a tidy woman who is expecting a child and is about to buy an apartment with Grégory, a banker whom Alain does not support. Lucie is a promising young lawyer. Alain would like to continue to be a worthy father to them, but his clumsy efforts have the opposite effect. Only Lucie’s filial love still seems to be able to save him.

Photo credit © Stéphanie Branchu

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