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the end of the series is near …



Grey’s Anatomy is one of the sacred television monsters. The series is currently in its 16th season even though shooting has been halted due to the coronavirus epidemic. In 2019, it simply became the longest prime-time medical series in the United States. For someone who wants to start the series today, you just have to watch … 342 episodes. Ideal during periods of confinement, but it requires a certain dedication. Good news (even if fans won’t say that), the meter may soon stop climbing.

Grey’s Anatomy, time to turn the page?

In the United States, the season is supposed to end in a few weeks. Season 17 has already been ordered, but it could also be the last. That’s what Dr. Andrew DeLuca’s interpreter Giacomo Gianniotti suggested.

Right now we have one more season that is already signed. And I’m confident enough to say that this is where the series will end. This is what I can say, in my opinion, from conversations I have had with people.

However, he further clarified that nothing is certain yet. Particularly because of the news.

We have a formula that is really clear. We are a series that makes a lot of political comments. We are talking about real problems and there is no shortage of problems to be raised. So, as far as the authors are concerned, they could write the series forever.

We can easily imagine that the next season could speak directly about the coronavirus epidemic. Unless Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) ‘s departure is a fatal blow to the fans’ affection for the medical program.

And for those wondering if we can consider Grey’s Anatomy to be a realistic series, the answer is here.

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