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The sitcom A nanny from hell rebroadcast this Monday on TFX.



It made for a good time the heyday of the grid of M6: the North American sitcom A nanny of hell is proposed this Monday on TFX, channel of the group TF1.

Many episodes following Monday to Friday, from 8:50 am and until the early afternoon.

The life of Fran Fine changes the day when her boyfriend, who is also her employer, leaves her. Fran decides to go door to door to sell cosmetic products. She comes to Maxwell Sheffield, a rich producer who is looking for a housekeeper …

With Fran DRESCHER (Fran Fine), Charles SHAUGHNESSY (Maxwell Sheffield), Daniel DAVIS (Niles), Lauren LANE (CC Babcock), Nicholle TOM (Maggie Sheffield), Benjamin SALISBURY (Brighton Sheffield), Madeline ZIMA (Grace Sheffield), Renée TAYLOR (Sylvia Fine) and Rachel CHAGALL (Val Toriello).

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