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The treasure map in Corsica on April 15 on France 3 (unpublished).



After Polynesia, on April 8, head to Corsica for Cyril Féraud the following Wednesday on France 3.

On April 15, in the first part of the evening, The treasure map will lead us, during an unpublished issue, to discover Corsica and more particularly the Ajaccian country, “on a play area which extends around the town of Ajaccio, along the coast and the Gravona valley to the villages of Péri and Appietto “.

Anne-Charlotte and Cédric, candidates for this issue, will have to solve puzzles to find the treasure and set off in a giant treasure hunt that will take them to discover the famous Genoese towers, these guard towers that stand along the Corsican coast for over 500 years and which at the time communicated with each other in a surprising way, the opportunity to discover the splendid Sanguinaires islands in Ajaccio bay. They will explore the hilltop villages and their typical bell towers in search of the last bell ringers still active. Finally, they will follow in the footsteps of Napoleon I and discover how the local boy and the Bonaparte dynasty transformed the city of Ajaccio.

Reminder of the concept:

“In La Carte aux Trésors, two competitors – red and blue – compete in an orienteering race in the heart of a French region. Their objective: to solve the 3 puzzles to find the” wind rose “that will allow access to the treasure. All the tests are related to the culture, the geography, the history or the traditions of this territory, in order to discover the richnesses of the local inheritance. To move, the competitors have each at their disposal a But above all, once on land, they must count on the locals to help them progress as quickly as possible! ”

France 3 recalls that La Carte aux Trésors offsets the carbon emissions of its helicopters with Reforest’Action.

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