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This AI can spot road accidents in real time



More than impressive results. A road traffic management system controlled by an artificial intelligence has managed to spot road accidents, traffic jams or even dangerous driving with almost perfect precision.

This tool called Smart City AI was deployed in Grapevine, Texas. It is developed by the company Currux Vision. Concretely, AI scans CCTV cameras connected to city roads, like human operators would.

The autonomous system is therefore able to alert in real time to events. Efficiency seems to be at the rendezvous since the company claims to reach accuracy rates ranging from 95 to 98%, including at night or in the rain.

Swiss technology based on acoustic signals

Building on this success, the company hopes to market its system in other US states and around the world. “We designed the Smart City AI product to dramatically accelerate large-scale adoption of AI capabilities by cities and businesses in the United States and abroad “, Explains Alex Colosivschi, founder and CEO of Currux Vision at TheNextWeb.

This experience remains localized for the time being, but it may well displease organizations defending public liberties. There is indeed concern that governments and law enforcement may be tempted to use this type of technology to monitor citizens even in their private lives.

Currux Vision is not the only company working on AI specialized in road traffic. Closer to home, the Geneva start-up Securaxis and the company Swisstraffic offer Swiss cities a system that uses acoustic signals to count and categorize road traffic in real time.

The system could allow better traffic management for a modest price. However, there are still some improvements to be made, particularly with regard to the recognition of bicycles and electric cars.

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