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Top 5 Android Games You Must Play In 2018



Android Games 2018

Android games 2018: Every year thousands of games are developed with different gameplay options and of different categories. As there are different types of games available for that, you need to know about some popular games which offer an immersive experience. Gamers always looking for challenging games and all challenging games are developed upon better game-play. On the web, there are many games and every day new games are developed.

So, you might get confused which delivers the best experience. Below in this post, I am going to share details about 5 android games 2018 that you must play in 2018. I picked up only Best games for best smartphones. All the below-listed games come with engaging game-play and offer you realistic fight and adventurous experience. You can download these game from Google Play store or by visiting their official website. All the below mentioned games are free and widely available on all leading app stores.

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Android games 2018: You must play

I have posted it very early. I should have publish this article in 2018. I don’t want to wait my readers till 2018 starts to get Android Games 2018. In this list, I am explaining a little about some games which are going to break record in 2018. You’ll love these Android games 2018 for sure. Do Check out once.

Dead Effect 2

dead effect 2

This is full sci-fi game that you will like to play with shiny and gory FPS action. The Dead Effect 2 is an enticing story with different character which is a perfect shooter game with RPG elements. This game provides you with realistic ragdoll and stunning effect which is narrated by voice actors. There are features like character training and development where you can receive training and 40 upgradable weapons. You can easily customize the game picture effects in formats like HDR, high-quality textures, Depth of Field, and bloom effects. This game is provided with more than 100 upgradable body implants and gear sets which will take in the progressive levels of the game. All I can say it is one of the best android games

Shadow Fight 2
shadow fight 2

Full series of Shadow Fight is developed with ultimate action with immersive gameplay. It is a game to save the world from the darkness. You will be the only saver of the world and you with your fighting skills need to defeat all demons in the route. You aim to kill all enemies and to reach boss Titans. In this game, Titan is the most powerful opponent whom you need to defeat to close the gate of shadows. Gameplay is addictive and overall experience is attractive as it is built upon realistic fighting moves, kick, punches and slash. In this game, you have to complete all challenging stages that consist of four levels, and in all levels, you will face different character.

Grand Theft Auto

grand theft auto

This is an exclusive adventure game that consists different features, and it is available in different 4 different parts such as Grand Theft Auto III, Liberty City Stories, San Andreas and Vice City. There are three different control schemes with contextual options. The game is customizable that has dual analog stick to control the full movement control and camera. This game is designed with lighting enhancements and different interesting characters.

Lara Croft Go

lara croft go

The Lara Croft Go is a puzzle adventure which is all about the ruins of ancient civilization. This game is a journey to the depth to find the ancient artifacts where you will find different obstacles and face different bad guys. This is a challenging game which includes more than 100 puzzle rooms, hidden items to collect, various things to unlock and some unique features. You can fight the enemies and overcome deadly traps with the captivating soundtrack. You can also obtain ancient relics to unlock new costumes for Lara.



Limbo is an adventure game where a little boy travels to Limbo for saving his little sister. This is a puzzle game, and you have to take the role of the boy as a player. You can try this game before the purchase as it is available in 2D puzzler and a monochrome style which improves the gaming performance. You can try and see how the puzzle works by killing the character in the game itself. You can also try the similar game app called Monument Valley which is also one of the best puzzler adventure games available for Android.

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Final Words:

Above I have listed all popular android games 2018 that you must try once. I am sure you will love and also get immersed in its attractive game-play, action, and thrill. All those games are compatible with all android platform and devices. So use your mobile as a gaming console and download above listed android games 2018 and face the challenges. Every game will provide you unique gaming experience.

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