Top 3 water purifiers to buy in India for 2019 under 10000

Drinking clean and healthy water that is free from bacteria and other harmful chemical is now a necessity. And if you are willing to give your family the gift of best health, then the first thing that you need to look for is to install a good quality water purifier that can help you give them the best quality drinking water. In all, if you are using the borewell for getting your household water, then you should look for the best water purifier according to the quality and TDs level of the water. SO, get it checked by the experts, and then choose the best water purifier for your home.

In case you are looking for a good quality water purifier that has a decent set of features and purifies the water efficiently and aren’t too keen to invest a big amount to buying it, then we would suggest you keep a budget of 10000. Under 10K, you can get a good quality water purifier that not only performs well but is also not too hard to maintain.

If you aren’t sure that which purifier would be a good choice for you, we are listing the three best water purifiers under 10000. Go through the list and choose the most suitable one for your family according to your budget, preferences and other things.

Top 3 water purifiers in India under 10000


  1. LivpureGlo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier


The first purifier that we are including in the list is due to its amazing performance. Although the company is not as popular among the buyers like the market leading ones, but in terms of the performance and value for money, you can completely rely on it. The livepureglo has 7-liter water storage that makes it a great choice for a small-to-medium family and the six-stage purification makes sure that you are getting purest drinking water. So, try this if you were not a brand follower and are looking for the best performance.

  1. HUL Pureit Advanced RO+MF 6 Stage 5L Water Purifier


If you were looking for an efficient and reliable water purifier that looks great and is made up of light and durable plastic then the HUL’s Pureit Advanced would be a great choice for you. having an advanced 6-stage purification along with a 5-liter water storage tank, this is an ideal buy for the buyers looking for the perfect performance oriented water purifier for their home. This purifier is extremely easy to maintain and by going for the regular maintenance and AMC, you can be assured of having a purifier that is going to serve you for years.

  1. Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier


For the buyers who are looking for a great looking purifier that has the ability to enhance the overall looks of your kitchen and doesn’t compromises with the performance, the Blue Star Aristo will be a great choice. Blue star is known to manufacture great quality water purifiers and Aristo is also not an exception. With the brilliant looks, one-year warranty, taste booster and many other features, this would be a brilliant choice under 10000.


So, these were the three of the best water purifiers available in the market that you can completely rely on. With perfect performance and great value for money, these are amongst the bestwater purifiers in the range. So, choose accordingly and give your family a gift of perfect health.

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