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two strangers broke into his residence



Like all French people, reality TV candidates are confined to their homes for an indefinite period. If Milla Jasmine and Mujdat remained in Thailand after the suspension of the filming of Apprentice Adventurers, the other candidates all returned to France. This is also the case for Carla and Kevin who preferred to return from London and stay with their families in Marseille during the confinement period, which aims to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Besides, panic-stricken after being in contact with a friend who had Covid-19, Maeva Ghennam went to get tested.

After announcing the results to her subscribers, the young woman spoke to tell of a terrible mishap.

Maeva Ghennam positive for coronavirus?

Maeva learned a few days ago that she had been in contact with a friend tested positive for coronavirus. Very worried, she went to get tested urgently in a Marseille hospital. While waiting to be greeted by the medical team, Maeva realizes the gravity of the situation: “Everyone has brands, it’s very scary!”

Then she explains how her screening went: “It was a long time, we stood in line for an hour and a half. Then you enter a room where there are nurses equipped not to be contaminated. For me and my friends, who had no symptoms serious, we had to do the test ourselves by sticking a cotton swab down the nose, which they do not analyze later.

The next day, Maeva Ghennam, who crashed Kim Glow after her huge skid, announced that the doctors had not called her, which means thatshe is not positive for coronavirus.

Relieved, she said on her Snapchat account that this wait had tired her a lot.

Maeva Ghennam threatens two strangers

After this anxious day, Maeva has just experienced a new mishap. When she just moved into her new house in Marseille, two strangers broke into her home and provoked her. Furious, she tells everything that happened and threatens:

“Three or four days ago, my dog was in my garden and I hear him being insulted! He defends himself and barks. I go out and insult them with all the names of birds. They were two little c * ns of 12 years old. I live in a private residence, so if I catch you I hit you and I call the police! If there is one who is still having fun shouting, I hit him, I take him by the ears and I bring him back to his mother. And if her mother says something, she too will see. I threaten you, there is no one who insults my son! I’m very upset! “

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