Virtual Reality Gaming Gadgets You Shouldn’t Miss Having

After being on the market for about three years or so, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and the like boast quite a huge library of both apps and games for VR gamers to go absolutely crazy with, and that’s even without a mention of mobile VR, for instance, the introduction of things like the Standalone Oculus Go and such. Anyway, since many of these systems are not only dropping in price but readily available as well, manufacturers and developers can start focussing on the second most key feature of all gaming systems. The accessories that come along with them.

In this article will take you through some of the VR accessories you just can’t afford to do without.

1. VR Headsets

vr box

If you don’t have VR headsets then you can’t even imagine what you’re missing out on. It will take your gaming experience completely to the next level. This HTC Vive review can let you in on what we’re really talking about when it comes to products of this nature. Wherever your general interests ly, if you’re a true gamer then you’re definitely bound to find something you like about this hot new technology known as the VR headset. It’s also great when all you want to do is watch others play. With this product, watching becomes almost as fun as playing.

2. Deluxe Audio Straps

Those of you that use the HTC platform owners, then this one you might want to really strongly consider getting. Deluxe Audio straps provide inbuilt headphones in order to simplify the VR experience for those of you that use the HTC device. The headphones happen to be both angle and height adjustable, which means that it’s very easy to find a fit that’ll be just right for you, even though you may have multiple people using your headset. Additionally, it also gives you the ability to use one headphone only when you’re interacting with other people while playing.

3. Force Feedback Vests (KOR-FX)

Are you ready to move beyond just using your eyesight to do so? While the Oculus Touch controllers and the controllers from HTC allow for virtual world interaction, force feedback vests let you feel it all as well. How cool, no? While it is not ideal for all VR experiences, when it comes to shooter games it does actually provide you with a much more immersive feel than if you were just using the controllers. Feel that thud on your chest from the impact of all the bullets you take as well as from the grenades and landmines that explode near you. It’s simply an out of this world experience every VR gamer should try experiencing.

Virtual Reality is where almost all gaming is heading. It’s the way of the future and with how rapid tech keeps on both developing and evolving, that future might be sooner than most of us think. The virtual reality gaming industry grows bigger and bigger every passing day with more and more apps, games and accessories being released equally as fast. Hopefully, when it comes to knowing what accessories you need to be trying out, this article has been exactly what you needed.

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