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You are on a weekend or vacation in Annecy and you are looking for ideas. Your legs are shaking, your backpack is ready but you don’t know where to go? I offer a selection (not exhaustive !!) of easy family walks and other hikes to do around Annecy, in Bornes-Aravis and the Massif des Bauges.

The little walks around Annecy

From Annecy:
you can walk to the park of hinds of Semnoz or drive up to the highest point (ski station). The summit is flat or hilly, ideal for family outings. From there, there is a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the Mont Blanc Massif.

Around Lake Annecy
– East Bank, there is the very short walk to the Angon waterfall and the belvedere of Roc de Chère in Talloires, which overlooks the lake.
– West Bank, from Duingt, you can reach the Col de la Cochette, above Entrevernes.
– In the South, more robust, you can start from Doussard and climb the Coal Mountain and its passage dug in the cliff leading to the closed Lanche and the Pointe de Banc-Plat.

In the vicinity of Annecy
Geological curiosity, the Saint-Jacques Tours stand at the western entrance to the Massif des Bauges, between Gruffy and Allèves. A forest walk allows you to go around (watch out for ticks!). For other easy hikes, I also recommend the tour of the Roche Parnal and the Pas du Roc (passage dug in the rock).

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The essential hikes

Among all the essentials to do around, La Tournette is THE summit of Annecy. The inhabitants of the coasts look at the sea, the Annecy (and those on the coast) look at the Tournette: its first layers of snow, the evolution of melting, its head in the clouds and its colors changing with the light of the sun. It sits above Lake Annecy with its culminating summit, its massive allure of an armchair and its two cat ears. La Tournette is at the southern end of the Massif des Bornes.

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The Parmelan is a pretty belvedere on Annecy, on the Bornes and the Aravis and its ease of access makes it one of the classic hikes of the Annecy (suddenly, it makes it possible to avoid doing it on weekends!). Its summit can be reached by several rapid routes, offering a plunging view of the lake and the whole plain as well as the Bauges, the Salève and the Mont-Blanc Massif. A large loop on the Plateau also makes it possible to pass through the Grotte de l’Enfer and the coolers.

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The Crêtes du Mont Veyrier are located just above Lake Annecy, offering a breathtaking view. Lovers of sunsets will be delighted! In addition, the summits are very easy to access. The easiest way is to start on the northeast side from the Col des Contrebandiers and the Creux du Loup. Otherwise, if you don’t want to take the car, a steeper climb (750m) starts directly from Annecy-le-Vieux, from the edge of the Lake, next to Penone Pizza.

Les Bornes-Aravis

Mont Charvin is a pyramid, a steep slope and a final on an edge. Its summit offers a remarkable 360 ​​° view and is a real balcony on Mont Blanc! The aerial loop by the lake allows you to vary the pleasures with forest, grassy and rocky trails.

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The Pic de Jallouvre is one of the summits of Bargy and is located in the heart of the Bornes-Aravis Massif, above the famous Col de la Colombière (well known to cyclists). The hike is inhabited by ibex and a loop allows you to vary on your way back through Lake Lessy and its alpine chalets. In addition to hiking, a superb via ferrata makes it possible to survey the rock.

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Pointe Percée is the highest peak in the Aravis range. This splendid tooth owes its name to the small hole on its northern part which makes it unique. From its deserved 2750 meters, you have a breathtaking view and a 360 ° panorama of all the Northern Alps. Two aerial routes allow its ascent on hikes, by the normal route (West side) or by the Cheminées de Sallanches (East side).

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The Massif des Bauges

On the border (administrative …) between Savoy and Haute-Savoie, the Trélod is one of the highest peaks of the Massif des Bauges. It points to a rocky bar which starts from the Montagne du Charbon and ends at the Dent de Pleuven. In the end, it’s easier than it seems when you see it from a distance. Arriving at the top, a splendid panoramic view of the different massifs of Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isère.

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Mont Colombier is the central summit of the Massif des Bauges, the one we have to bypass every time! It thus offers a 360 ° point of view on the other baujus, Savoyard but also Haut-Savoyard and Isérois summits. Possible extension to Dent de Rossanaz. Since my childhood, Mont Colombier is best known for being nicknamed “the Mountain of the sleeping woman” because, by anamporhosis from Albigny beach in Annecy, its shape appears like a face turned towards the sky at the same time as the Mountains Julioz and Chabert suggest the breasts.

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When we talk about the Sambuy, we immediately think of his ski resort. However, its Pointe culminating at 2198 meters above sea level is an aesthetic peak quite remarkable for hiking. Between forest, flowery meadows and steep passages, the route is varied and progressive in difficulty, embellished with splendid panoramic views of Lake Annecy, the Bauges, the Aravis, the Mont Blanc, the Beaufortain …

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In the tradition of the Aravis chain, the Belle Étoile forms, with the Dent de Cons, a natural barrier between Albertville and Lake Annecy. It is an accessible summit because it is fast and technically easy. Ideal for hiking with the family or recovering in the spring. In addition, it also offers a nice 360 ​​° panorama. Possibility to follow the ridge line to Roc Rouge and Dent de Cons.

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If you are very motivated, you can do the Tour du Lac by the peaks. Count +/- 4 days (we did it in 3 days – 2 nights, the knees remembered it for a while…). The route goes up to Semnoz, goes down to Col de Leschaux, goes around Roc des Bœufs (via Mont Derrière and comes back over Entrevernes), crosses Doussard, goes up Col de la Forclaz, arrives at Châlet de l ‘ Aulp (at the foot of La Tournette), crosses the Pas de l’Aulp, the Dents de Lanfon, goes back down to Bluffy, goes up on Mont Baron (by the Col des Contrebandiers), Mont Veyrier and goes back down to Annecy-le-Vieux by Albigny. This is a very nice program that allows you to discover the surroundings of Lake Annecy. It remains to organize the route in relation to the bivouacs, what you want to see (several routes possible) and the time you have …

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