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‘We don’t know what we’re going to bring home’, a tearful cashier



The pandemic of Coronavirus hits the whole world, the number of people infected as well as the number of deaths continues to grow in all countries. In order to combat the spread of the virus, many governments have implemented total or partial containment. The objective is to control the pandemic so as not to end up in an unmanageable situation. Anyone who can work at home is invited to do so. Nevertheless, the stores of basic necessities but also the pharmacies remain open.

So many people such as medical staff, garbage collectors, postal workers or cashiers, among others, must continue to work. All of these professions are at risk and the reaction of a cashier on the internet has moved the web.

Coronavirus : “We are there for others”

Journalists are also exposed and do their utmost to provide information. In recent days, field reports also show us what we could call “behind the scenes”.

A cashier interviewed explained that she was there “for the others”. The voice broken then before exploding in tears that she was afraid of this virus but that she had to be there to ensure “his mission” and allow as many people as possible to support themselves. The woman ends by saying: “We don’t know what we’re going to bring home.” It is important to remember that without cashiers, hospital staff members risk their lives on a daily basis.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister was the guest of the 8:00 PM news to remind us that to defeat the coronavirus you had to follow the rules. The latter not always being followed by the French, it had to be hardened.

A woman who aroused great emotion

Today, the different countries and citizens of the world must show great solidarity.

While a few days ago the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron spoke of a “health war”, the French must hear the message while staying at home. Many acts of support take place every day, we think in particular of these people who applaud every evening at the same time to support the caregivers, doctors and emergency doctors.

Moved by this video, singer Julien Doré shared the latter on social networks and on Twitter in particular. He also took the opportunity to thank the dedication of this woman who risks her life to save that of others. We could read messages like “We will never see the cashiers and all the other people who stayed on deck again” or “Courage to her and to all the others”. We can never remember it enough but by staying at home, we save lives made with coronavirus.

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