What’s the Latest in Spy Tech?

There are tons of science fiction novels and movies that tell us what spy technologies might become in the near future. From books to films, spy technology has caught the heart and attention of many people all over the world. However, gadgets and concepts developed through spy tech are no longer just a part of imagination and fantasy but already a thing in reality. In fact, we have plenty of smart devices anywhere, even at the premises of our own home. Today, these devices are not just mere smart gadgets. But they are also becoming a spy gadget with a capability that’s beyond what an ordinary mind can imagine. So, in this world of rapid technology advancement let us know what is the latest spy tech in the market? We might need one in this perilous generation we are in today.

A Technology Used In Detecting Suspicious Body Movements


Of course we want our home, offices, business establishments, or workplace safe. Some may even check out Gadgets Spy – Spy Gadget Tech Reviews & Updates for an informative list of high tech surveillance devices. One of the latest trends in the spy world is the surveillance technology that is capable of detecting body movements. This technology could recognize poses that may indicate bad intentions and behavior. In Japan, a device called AI Guardman is used to detect the stances of people who would shoplift. When something is not right and suspicious, shopkeepers are immediately notified through an app. The technology can also be used to counter espionage to assist the lacking capabilities of human agents.

A Real-time Facial Recognition Technology That Could Identify Obscured Images

There are plenty of gadgets featuring facial recognition cameras for privacy and security purposes. However, not many of these gadgets could identify obstructed and concealed faces. Clarity of images is needed for the technology to recognize the face. That is not the case for a company called Digital Barriers. They provide real-time facial surveillance without the need for clear pictures. The kind of technology they introduced can identify people even those whose face have been wrapped with scarves or blurred captured images of people. Digital Barriers’ representatives created this technology with the desire to help the government with counterterrorism issues.

An Upgraded Artificial Intelligence For Increased Usage


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is almost everywhere today. You’ll find it in many workplaces all over the world and in our mobile apps. The interest of using AI especially in espionage is also becoming prevalent. For this reason, the need to upgrade and develop AI technology has become more in demand.  According to the International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide,  AI budget allocation will be estimated to grow around $52.2 billion in 2021 compared to $19.1 billion in 2018. AI will also attain a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42.6% from 2016 until 2021.

We do not know exactly how the spy technology could actually help spy and surveillance experts. However, it is evident that technology enormously helps them in achieving their missions. With all these advancements in the spy technology we are slowly coming to a realization that its capabilities can be difficult to predict as it keeps evolving.

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