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Which Ligue 2 clubs generate the most revenue?



March 22, 2020 at 12:10 pm by Thomas

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Last season’s 2018-19 season, Ligue 2 clubs generated 211 million euros in operating revenue.

In Ligue 2 differently from the elite where it takes 12% from one season to the next, the proceeds from the activity of the championship clubs, excluding transfers of players, decreased by 2% in 2019. In the 2018-19 financial year, it amounted to 221.210 million euros for the clubs which disputed the championship. Or an average of 10.5 million euros per team, between AJ Auxerre (at € 12.350 million) and FC Sochaux (€ 9.396 million).

Ten million euros on average for Ligue 2 clubs

The margin is huge with the upper floor teams, mainly on the distribution of audiovisual rights. But in Ligue 1 or 2, this remains the first item of revenue, ahead of the other sectors of sponsorship, commercial partnerships, merchandising or ticketing. This, regardless of activity on the transfer market with possible capital gains, in places.

RC Lens and its fan base dominate Ligue 2 on the revenues generated

With the exception of the two relegated Ligue 1 clubs (Guingamp and Caen) at the end of last season, RC Lens generates the most revenue. Because the northern club does better than all the others in terms of sponsorship but especially the “match day” benefits. We saw it earlier in the fiscal year, that the Lensois have a larger crowd than the rest of the championship, and even more than half of the Ligue 1 teams. In 2018-19, the ticket office reported more than 5 million euros to the club.

Revenues of Ligue 2 clubs in the 2019 balance sheet

Club Income generated in 2019
EA Guingamp € 39.124m (in L1)
SM Caen € 36.205 million (in L1)
RC Lens € 18.002m
ESTAC Troyes € 13.876m

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