Why Backpacks Are Essential for Digital Nomads

Thanks to technology and the evolving work environment around the world, freelancers now make up a significant percentage of the global workforce. Offering efficiency, convenience, flexibility and the ability for travel, working remotely is quickly gaining popularity among aspiring nomads everywhere, always eager to be on the move.

With the rise of working “off-site” comes the need for a “portable office”, as digital nomads seek freedom to do their jobs from anywhere they please. And just like people who set up the headquarters spend a lot of time choosing the right office furniture and equipment, choosing a backpack for nomads is essential for ultimate success while on the move. In this article, we give you three reasons why.


  1. You Can Separate Work from Pleasure

If you’re frequently on the move, you need to carry a lot of “life” items in your luggage; clothes, toiletries, books, games, shoes, etc. These items have very different storage requirements from your work things.

While your regular cabin size luggage may be perfect for your shorts, flip flops, and tees, squeezing your laptop in there with your shampoo and lotion (even if sealed in a zip lock) may be pushing it a little bit with the risks. That’s why carrying a separate backpack designed specifically for digital nomads can save you a lot of hassle.

  1. You Can Take Your Backpack Anywhere

You may want to work on the plane, but would rather check in your luggage. Carrying your office in a backpack is perfect for those long flights where you’d choose to get some work done, without having to worry about walking through the narrow aisle with a chunky bag. On the other hand, and while you may feel safe leaving your personal clothes at the hotel, you may be more comfortable taking your precious laptop with you. Your backpack-workstation should accompany you as you discover new cafes in magical cities, looking for inspiration as you write your next article.

  1. You Can Rest Assured Your Little Things Won’t Be Lost

Backpacks boast a versatile package of storage options; from padded laptop compartments, different sized compartments, closed and open pouches, to inside zippers and even secret pockets. That’s a lot of convenient space for your numerous work items like laptop, charging cables, connection cables, tablet device, external hard drives, thumb USB flash drives, and memory cards. A backpack promises to safely store every little item in an organized fashion designed especially for this purpose, making them secure and easy to find.

Work Hard, Play Hard

The gear you choose on your travels can make or break your experience as a digital nomad, that’s why it’s important to feel comfortable with your items. Knowing that your portable office is reliable and safe is crucial, as you work on your hustle and immerse yourself in the local culture wherever you are. Choose a backpack that is easy to wear, comfortable to carry, and can keep your belongings safe, which will make your trips a lot easier, and your work a lot more enjoyable.

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