How to Play Xbox 360 Games on Android & PC – (Best Xbox Emulators)

Have you ever wanted to play Xbox 360 Games without having the gaming console? If yes, then you can fulfill your dream with this article. You can use your Computer or Android device to run Xbox 360 games. The Xbox 360 console is quite expensive and can’t be afforded by everyone. Xbox 360 is the home video gaming console which was developed by Microsoft. It is the second and one of the best gaming console in the Xbox Family. Today, We will discuss How to Play Xbox 360 Games on Android & PC.  We will use Xbox one Emulator to play Xbox 360 Games.

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What is Xbox 360 Emulator?

Xbox 360 Emulator is an application software which emulates/simulates the games of Xbox 360 on Windows PC or Android smartphone. The Xbox emulators work very fine and are capable of running almost each and every Xbox 360 games. These emulators come in both free and paid version, you can get them according to your need. In this post, I have shared Xbox 360 emulators for both PC and smartphone. I have also guided with the steps to use these Emulators to play Xbox 360 games.

  • There are so many Xbox Emulators available that comes free of cost. You can also upgrade to premium to unlock more features.
  • They provide lag-free experience to their users. If you have a PC or Android device with good-specs they will surely don’t lag.
  • These emulators are capable to run all the games of Xbox 360 gaming console. They also support their visuals and audio effects efficiently.
  • You will also get Full-Hd graphics of the games that you will play on your Android device or PC. You will get the awesome feel of original Xbox 360 video games.
  • If you are planning to buy an Xbox gaming console, just try these emulators to get a trial of Xbox 360 games.

So, these are the benefits of using Xbox 360 emulators. You may face some problems in these emulators and some game probably unsupported by these emulators. But I am sure, most of the games are supported by the emulators listed below.

xbox 360 emulator

Best Xbox 360 Emulators for PC

Let me show you some of the best Xbox 360 Emulators for PC. You don’t require any Xbox Console to play the Xbox 360 games. Although, there are so many Xbox Emulators are available on the internet. But, I have listed only best and working emulators for Xbox 360. We will also discuss how to play Xbox games on Windows PC & Android using these Emulators.

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#1. Box Emulator

Box Emulator is one of the best computer software that enables you to run the games of Xbox 360 on your Windows PC. It can run almost all games very smoothly which are developed for Xbox 360 Console. You can use this emulator to enjoy your favorite Xbox 360 games at a high FPS and get better video quality. Well, if you have a PC with minimum 4GB RAM and at least 512MB Nvidia/ATI GPU, this Xbox 360 Emulator will work very fine without any lagging. But, you need to buy the original ROM of the games in order to play them as it doesn’t support pirated games. This emulator is available for free download for PC. To download this amazing emulator for Xbox, follow the link given below.

   Box Emulator

box emulator

How to Play Xbox 360 Games On PC using Box Emulator?

This emulator is quite simple to use and you don’t need to do anything more. You just have to download  & install this emulator on your PC. Check out the further steps below.

  • Insert the original ROM CD of the games or you create an ISO boot disk on your Computer.
  • Now, configure the drivers, controllers, audio devices, graphics etc, according to your system hardware or let the settings as default.
  • Boot the game from the Disk or ISO file.
  • That’s all. Play and enjoy the Xbox 360 games on your PC.

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#2. Xenia Emulator

Xenial Emulator is another best Xbox 360 Games Emulator as well as Xbox One Emulator too. This software is capable of running more than 50 titles of the Xbox console. You may feel some lagging while playing heavy games but the developers are continuously working and updating this emulator for more improvements. The software is in beta version, so some of the Xbox games may not be supported in this emulator. Some popular games like Tekken, Dragon Ball Raging Blast, Walking Dead 2, Silent Hill 3 etc. works perfectly on this Emulator. You can download this emulator from the link given.


xenia emulator

Steps to Install Xenia Emulator On Windows PC

  • Firstly, download the setup from the link given above.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  • Now, follow the further Windows Installation Wizard. Keep the recommended settings for the best performance.
  • Wait for some time till it completes the installation process. Within few movements, Xenia Emulator will be installed on your Computer.

These were the best Xbox 360 Emulator for Windows PC. You can also use the controllers like Mouse, Joystick, Keywords to enjoy the games more. Now, let me show you the Xbox Emulator for Android.

Top Xbox 360 Emulator for Android

If you have an Android smartphone or Tablet, you can enjoy the Xbox 360 Games on your Android device. Most of the Xbox Game Players for Android are available on the Google Play Store. Some of them are available for free download while some of them are paid and you need to pay for it. Here, I will share the Top working Xbox 360 Emulator for Android which is totally free to use and it will surely fulfill all the features that are required to play the Xbox 360 Games.

 How to Install Xbox 360 Emulator App On Android?

  • At first, download the Xbox Emulator Apk from the given link.

Xbox Emulator APK

  • Now, click on the downloaded file and then ‘Next’ to begin installing process.
  • Wait for some time, till it completes the process.
  • After it finishes, click on the ‘Open’ to launch the Xbox Emulator.
  • That it. You can now enjoy Xbox games anywhere you want, on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have explained How to Play Xbox 360 Games on OC or Android. I have also shared the best Xbox 360 Emulators for PC and Android. You just need to download and install these emulators to taste Xbox 360 games. You also don’t need to spend a single penny as I have shared only Free Xbox Emulators for Windows & Android. Are you facing any difficulties while using these emulators? Just drop a comment below with your problem.

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