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Young singer Lenni-Kim and his mother tested positive for Covid-19



Faced with the epidemic of Coronavirus growing, populations around the world are likely to be contaminated. And stars are not spared either [VIDEO] ! After Tom hanks, Blaise Matuidi or even more recently the British actor Idris Elba, it’s the turn of Lenni-Kim.

The young singer had been revealed by the show “The Voice Kids” in 2015, despite being eliminated during the battles phase. Media coverage that will allow him to experience a rapid rise in the music industry, and the release of his first hit “Don’t Stop” which has more than 19 million views on Youtube.

The singer had performed a screening test in a Montreal hospital

It was on March 21 that Lenni-Kim announced the news to his fans on his Instagram account. Currently confined to Canada, he took the opportunity to tell us that his mother had also been found positive on the Coronavirus test. What make us aware of the importance of compliance with health rules.

After a few days of symptoms, and still living with his mother (cough, body aches and slight fever), the singer decided to perform a test in order to have a clear heart.

The 18-year-old boy then spoke on his social networks “Basically we are positive for Covid-19. Pay attention then follow the confinement instructions the virus is super virulent ….. Take care and STAY INSIDE xx”.

He reassures his community sure Instagram

Followed by more than 300,000 fans on Instagram, he also took the opportunity to pass on an important message “Coronavirus is extremely virulent, it can be caught very easily.

We paid attention and we still caught it. When you are told to stay at home, it is serious; stay home.”

On the images of this speech, Lenni Kim seems to be relatively fit despite the illness, and has decided to reassure his community by claiming that he is not in a worrying state. A message of hope given the rapid spread of the Covid-19, and alarming statistics …

What about the spread of the virus in Canada?

No quarantine yet announced in Canada, but theat the border between the Canada and the United States has been closed as a precaution. The ban was made official on the night of Friday to Saturday, and does not concern the transport of goods. As we speak Canada has 1331 cases, including 16 recovered and 19 deaths.

As a reminder, in France, the government has put in place strict confinement rules, which must be respected under penalty of a fine.

“The French must stay at home”. These are the words of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Only travel essential for food, medical treatment or work is authorized, and 100,000 police and gendarmes will ensure that these measures are respected.

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